Well, we all knew it couldn’t last forever. MTV announced today that the upcoming season of the shore will be their last. And all of the tanned monkey juiced guidos around the country stopped fist pumping and lost a little of their greasy shine. Although we still have the last season to look forward to in October, this raises the question that we have all feared to ask. What are we going to do without Jersey Shore? I mean it’s one thing to have to think about loosing The Office this year (although that is NOT the same as JS in anyway and should never ever ever be thought of in the same category). But what are we going to watch on Thursday nights after The Office? Who are we going to turn to to help us wine down from a hectic week of work and school. Who is going to be there to make us feel better about ourselves? What are we going to do with out our favorite guidos and their terribly hilarious catch phrases? No more GTL. No more grenades. No more Snookie eating pickles. But, come on let’s be honest with ourselves here. Did we really think it would last? I mean a bunch of people who auditioned for an MTV show to live with each other and fight about fake drama. It’s MTV’s go to now since they forgot how to play videos or anything even related to music. Yes, we will get back our brain cells and yes, they will probably all get their own spin off shows, but all of them together is what, for some strange ridiculous reason, why we watch. If you haven’t already picked up on my sarcasm let me clue you in now. It won’t be hard to see them go. It’s more than time to see them go actually. And we will find another stupid thing to watch. But the one thing I will miss, and I really mean this. Pauly and Vinny. Pauly and Vinny together. Alright now I am tearing up.ย 

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