The Academy’s new rule on Best Original Song

It is about time! Last year the Oscars only nominated two songs for the Best Original Song category. First of all, so many great songs could have been nominated. Second, where is the fun in just two nominees? There has to be a little competition! Well, now the Academy realizes that was a mistake. It has now made a new rule that five songs have to be nominated for Best Original Song. Thank God! Even though it makes the show a little longer (although having Billy Crystal there always makes it longer, too), you can’t have two songs nominated. That’s like having to pick between Billy Crystal and James Franco. Both very lovable, but as far as the Academy Awards go, they just don’t cut it. Giving the category five songs though opens it up to not only more songs, but also to different music styles from different types of films. It just makes sense right? The Best Original Song category gives artists like Eminem and Three Six Mafia the ability to win an Oscar. And the Oscar upset is always the best kind of Oscar win.ย 


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