What I Did This Weekend

What I Did This Weekend

I love famous people. Could you tell? I’ve heard that some can be real jerks, though. However, I like to imagine that all celebrities are happy and friendly. Although I can’t speak for all of the stars, I can tell you from experience that Rashida Jones and Adam Scott from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” are just that. Jones and Scott spent their weekend in Iowa at universities to talk about the importance of voting and what Obama is going to do for the nation if re-elected (This blog does NOT focus on politics. You can go to plenty of other places to read about that scary campaign stuff). They made the trip to Drake where they made a short speech (literally less than two minutes) and then did a meet-and-greet with students. As you can see, I got to meet them and get my picture taken with them along with my friend Jenna. People tried to hurry us along. They wanted the line to keep moving because they had other places to go to still that day. Rashida and Adam didn’t seem to care about a time frame, though. They took pictures with every student that wanted one. They didn’t leave until they had a chance to talk to every student. You could just about imagine my excitement meeting people from one of my favorite TV shows (If Aziz Ansari was there I would have probably cried). And while I’m being honest here, I’ll just say that I have a major girl crush on Rashida Jones. I mean, really, who doesn’t? She was so sweet and tiny! She acted like she genuinely wanted to be there and meet all of these young people. I still can’t believe I talked to someone who knows Andy Samberg. Adam was just as nice and was actually really funny. I give any guy props who can dish it back and forth with Amy Poehler. I was impressed by them. It gives me great hope in Hollywood that people this nice are out and about connecting with us everyday people.


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