Why hello Emmy!

Rejoice people it is FINALLY award season! Up first: the Primetime Emmy Awards. I’ll be honest I’m not the biggest TV person. I don’t get to watch it much anymore. It’s also hard to watch all of these great shows that critics talk about when you don’t get HBO and Showtime. I will be more than happy to break down the categories that us poor college students have an input on though!

Outstanding Comedy Series- As much as I hate to say it I think “Modern Family” has this one without question. It wins every year, but it’s because it deserves it. I love “30rock” and I am so bummed that this year will be the last season, but I don’t think its last season was Emmy worthy. I would have liked to see “Parks and Rec” nominated because after “The Office” disappointed us, it’s the last real funny show on NBC’s Thursday nights. 

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series- There are so many choices! I love Melissa McCarthy, and her win last year was seriously the greatest thing I have seen on an awards show, but I would love to see Amy Poehler win. I’m obsessed with Leslie Knope. Then again New Girl is probably the funniest show on TV right now (besides Honey Boo Boo, of course) and Zooey Deschanel was born to play Jess. I’m really torn on this one.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series- Jim Parsons. Yeah, I don’t think this one needs explanation.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series- Julie Bowen will probably win for playing the crazy mom on “Modern Family”, but I would love to see Kristen Wiig take this one by surprise. She gets nominated for this category every year, and this will be her last time being nominated for “SNL”. Is it possible to pray to the award gods for this win? 

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series- So since every male in the “Modern Family” cast is nominated in this category, I’m going to be a brat and go with Bill Hader. I’m obsessed with “SNL”, but Hader is the funniest member of the cast. No matter what he is doing he is always spot on with his impressions and disturbing characters. I have a feeling that Max Greenfield is going to take this one home, though. I laugh for days after I’ve watched “New Girl” just because of something Schmidt said. 

Variety Series- Yes, I know it is a weird category. It really means all of the awesome shows that we watch that don’t have professional actors, cute little kids, gay couples, singing teens and/or singing judges, and evil people that want to kill you and/or sleep with your wife. “SNL” is my favorite show, but I’m rooting for Jimmy Fallon this year. I think his acceptance speech would trump Melissa McCarthy’s speech on the cuteness spectrum. 

Reality Competition- I don’t really understand this category either because I don’t understand most of the shows nominated. The Voice, however, would be my pick. Tonight I caught a little bit of it and the guy that sings the Cupid Shuffle got on the show and auditioned with his song and no one picked him. Seriously, what is this show and why is Adam Levine so ridiculously attractive? 

You can get the full list of nominees here http://www.emmys.com/nominations/2012/Outstanding%20Comedy%20Series 

Emmys air Sunday night at 6 on ABC! 

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