An Axl Always Finds His Way

It was announced today that Axl Rose will make a rare appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show October 24th. He will be promoting his shows in Las Vegas with the replacement Guns N’ Roses. This situation poses a lot of questions. What will Kimmel ask? Will Axl get mad and storm off the stage if he is asked about the original 5 and Slash? And of course the most important question of all: Will this actually happen? I mean we are talking about the man who opted out of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. He wrote the rock hall a letter saying he didn’t want to even be inducted! Guns N’ Roses is my favorite band (and I mean the real Guns N’ Roses). Axl Roses was one of the greatest rock singers of all time. In his day he was magical. He’s also crazy, which is half the fun. As a GN’R super fan I’ll admit I do lay awake some nights wondering what it would be like if the Appetite gang was back together, but lets be real here. That is never going to happen. That’s like asking Sammy Hagar to play with Eddie Van Halen again. So, we have to humor Axl and let him think that everything is just fine. Him playing with a group that can’t possibly take Izzy, Steven, Duff, and Slash’s places is perfectly sane in his mind (I would love to get inside that mind, but I’m very terrified of what I might find). But to say that he is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel? That’s 23 days from now! Do you know how much can happen during 23 days in Axl world? Am I saying it will never happen? Maybe. Do I want it to happen? Well, obviously. The chances of it happening? Pretty slim. Even if he does show up October 24th ready to talk, he isn’t really going to talk. Jimmy will try and make a funny comment about the whole GN’R drama and Axl will close up. He will tell Jimmy he doesn’t want to talk about it and will start up about what he is doing now with the guys he got to replace the real legends. Axl always seems to forget that he would be nothing without the original 5. It will be a stiff and extremely awkward interview. However, I will be hoping and praying every day from now until then that it will happen. You never know. Axl might surprise us. He has calmed down a little bit since his angry 90s phase right? And lets be honest here you know I’m still going to be sitting by my TV that night watching and waiting. Once an Axl fan, always an Axl fan.ย 


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