Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Nominees are Here!

Last week the 2013 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame nominees were announced with a surprising twist. Yes, the day has FINALLY come for the fans to vote. Finally we get to decide who receives rocks biggest honor instead of the crusty old music critics that I imagine sit in the offices at Cleveland and complain all day long. I’m sure they are very wise, but rock music is made for the fans. The bad news is that fan votes only contribute to the final decision. I take this to mean that the rock hall is going to tell us we can vote, but if they don’t like the outcome they will completely ignore our vote and go with what they want anyway. I’m just speculating here. The good news though is that there are a lot of really great nominees to choose from this year. Deep Purple is up this year. If you think you’ve never heard of them, then you are wrong. They are the guys behind one of the most famous guitar openings of all time. “Smoke On the Water” anyone? Then there is Seattle band Heart. Headed by the Wilson sisters with lots of sass and class. They went from 70s folk/rock hippies to 80s hair arena heros because people couldn’t believe girls could play guitar let alone sing like Robert Plant. Keeping the female theme in mind this year Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are also nominated. The former Runway formed her own band and is one of the most respected female rockers. I’m really excited about her nomination because I think I am finally getting over Kristen Stewart playing her in a movie. Donna Summer and Randy Newman (yeah, the guy that sings the song from Toy Story) are nominated as well as the pioneer rap group Public Enemy. Then of course there’s the main reason anyone is voting. Rush has finally been nominated. Now I am not a big Rush person, but people that are think they are the only band on Earth. They will tell you they are the greatest group of three men that ever rocked together, so clearly they missed the whole Nirvana thing, but I won’t be a crusty old rock critic and hold it against them.After all the passionate fans are the best kind to have. If they don’t get in I am truly scared of what might happen. Lets hope that the crusty old critics give this one to the fans. The full list of nominees can be found here where you can also cast your vote and after you vote it will tell you how the different artists are standing. Yes, Rushers they are in the lead.


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