Golden Globe Hosts in Place

I was starting to worry that award season was going to be a let down this year. There haven’t been a lot of movies that have made me feel anything special. I have watched “Rock of Ages” at least 4 times since I bought it a couple of days ago, but lets be honest, that’s just me. That movie is way too cheesy, but what’s an 80s hair metal lover to do? Just when I was about to give up hope it was announced that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are going to host the Golden Globes in January. Even if all of the movies nominated are disasters, I know that Fey and Poehler can save the day. These are the two funniest women (and quite possibly people) in Hollywood. Tina’s book “Bossypants?” Genius. Amy’s “Parks and Recreation” is brilliant. I don’t understand why she never wins for it. I know that these two will be fabulous, because of what they have already accomplished together. I grew up watching them on “Saturday Night Live” together. They are funny apart, but when they get together they have the power to crack jokes about anything they want. Comedy is always done right with a pair. Especially when it’s with a pair of women. Ricky Gervais has hosted the last three years and it’s no surprise the Hollywood Foreign Press Association decided to change it up. The first two years Gervais was fearless with his jokes about the famous people in the room. For his third year, however, he was so tame I thought I was going to fall asleep while watching him. When you hire someone like Ricky Gervais to host a high profile awards show he is suppose to be mean. That’s what the host does. I predict Tina and Amy will be mean, but they will disguise it with their cleverness. No one in Hollywood will be upset with them either, because they are so loved by everyone. I don’t really know if I believe the whole Golden Globe vs. the Oscars feud either. Yes, I agree that the Academy releasing the Oscar nominations three days before the Golden Globe ceremony is kind of rude. I know people think that the Globes are like an award season pre-game for the Academy Awards, but they really aren’t. The Globes are for fun. That’s why the stars sit at tables with their friends and get loaded. They really don’t determine who gets the Oscar. I don’t think the Academy has ever listened to the Globes anyway. Although I agree that the Academy is the only award that matters in the long run (all acting street cred is determined by the saying “academy award winner”), I think we need the Globes to prepare us for them. It will be weird watching the Golden Globes already knowing who scored the prestigious Oscar nomination, but maybe that will take off some of the crushing pressure between the actors in each category. If all else fails, we know we have Tina and Amy to fall back on. I would trust them with my life. No seriously, can they adopt me?


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