Taylor Swift’s “Red” Review

Taylor Swift is starting to get on people’s nerves. No, that’s not my opinion. I’m just stating a fact. I have to admit that the whole ex-boyfriend thing is getting ridiculously old. How many guys has she dated in Hollywood now? I would say that her personal life doesn’t matter when it comes to her music, but her personal life is her music. Yeah, it is definitely annoying. Want to know what’s more annoying? Every single song on her new album “Red” is good. I’m not a Taylor hater. I’m not a Taylor super fan either, but I do enjoy her music. Ouch. That is really hard to admit. It’s not because I like to sing in the car to her breakup songs about how all boys suck, though. Those songs are nice, but I’m a fan of her slower, more intelligent songs. “Red” does have the classic Taylor kiss offs, like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but it also has songs that resemble the “Fearless” years. “Red,” “Treacherous,”All Too Well,” and “I Almost Do” are actual country songs. People thought the world was really ending because Taylor had turned poppy. Most of the songs on the album are country, so stop freaking out. The songs that are a little more computerized and poppy are not too bad. I think they are tastefully done. I usually don’t listen to a lot of pop (or anything else from this decade), but her pop songs didn’t make me want to bang my head against a wall and wish that I was born in a different decade. Songs like “22” and “Starlight” aren’t too overdone and I think that’s why I can respect them. So what if she made “I Knew You Were Trouble?” It’s a decent song. It’s catchy, she complains about a boy, and it gets stuck in your head. This girl is a sneaky genius. Haven’t you figured it out by now? The song “Stay Stay Stay” has that country twang that is like nails on a chalk board to me, but her country fans will appreciate it. The verdict? “Red” is good. It’s different and at the same time Swift is just doing what she has become the master of. People don’t take her seriously because of the tabloid rumors, famous boyfriends, and 12-year-old fans, but the truth is she is a great songwriter. Whether you want to admit it or not she has a way with words. When the lyrics of a song are meaningful I can’t ignore them. It’s made her millions, but it’s also helped her gain harsh music fans like myself’s respect. Play on Taylor.


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