“Argo” is Almost Perfect

When does award season truly begin? During the holidays? After the holidays? February? Award season begins when the first good movie of the year comes out. This year award season started in October thanks to Ben Affleck and “Argo.” I always enjoy a good Ben Affleck movie. Unfortunately for us, his beautiful, Boston face was taken over by a scary, bushy beard in this movie. The good news is this helped focus the viewers attention on the incredible true story of “Argo” and the near perfect directing of Mr. Affleck. A movie about a CIA agent that put together a fake movie production to save six hostages stuck in Iran in 1980 can’t possibly be accurate right? Apparently it actually happened. We just didn’t know about it because it was classified until President Clinton declassified it in 1997. Four men and two women were working in the U.S. embassy in Tehran when it was attacked by citizens that did not agree with the country’s support of the deposed Shan. The American workers inside the embassy proceeded to shred almost all of the U.S.’s documents inside. Most of these men and women were taken hostage, but the six that escaped unnoticed out a back door. They went into hiding by staying with the Canadian ambassador. The U.S. then began to devise a plan to get them out of Iran before the Iranians found out that there were people missing from the embassy that they should have captured. Intense right? The CIA had no good ideas to help the runaways, so they called in Tony Mendez (Affleck) to help get them out. Mendez proposed they pretend to make a space movie like “Star Wars” and act as a film crew searching Iran for locations to shoot. He would go into Iran alone and come back with his “film crew” of six other people. The idea was just crazy enough to work right? Yeah, this actually happened and it actually worked. Throw in Alan Arkin and John Goodman as the Hollywood guys who are helping Mendez make the fake movie and you have award season gold. Could it get any better than this? Well, it does. Affleck’s directing makes the film not only seem real, but it also makes you scared out of your mind. Even though you can already guess how the movie ends, it still keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. I felt like I was going to be sick the last fifteen minutes of the movie. This is truly one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. There are very few films out there that make you feel like you are actually there feeling what the characters are feeling. I think my heart might have skipped a few beats when they (spoiler sorry) almost don’t make it on the plane. Part of it is the crazy amazing storyline, but most of the credit goes to the directing. It takes a great director to make an audience sweat that much watching a movie (which is supposed to be a relaxing activity). Ben Affleck has earned my total and unchanging respect. That is why I am calling it right now: “Argo” will win Best Picture this year at the Academy Awards. Even if that doesn’t happen Ben Affleck will win for Best Director. He will. I know it is way too early to tell, but I usually don’t change my mind about these things, so please don’t try and argue with me. “Argo” blew my mind. Go see it before we have to deal with “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” coming out. It will restore your faith in movie making.        


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