The Artists We Hate To Love

I was talking to a friend recently about music that we aren’t suppose to like. You know the stuff I’m talking about. There are certain artists that music critics tell us we cannot possibly like because they are so horrible. But, in all honesty, who really listens to those crusty old critics anyway? I’m not ashamed of my guilty pleasures, so here is my list of artists that I’m suppose to despise, but love instead. I dare you to embrace your own guilty music pleasures.

1. Bon Jovi- I admitted this a couple weeks ago, but I will say it again. I love the boys of Jersey. I was raised on them. I think there songs are good. I own almost all of their albums and I would just like to point out that they have lasted through decades of hate and ticket sales don’t lie.

2. Justin Bieber- Ok, I just laughed a little too. I think he is super adorable and a pretty decent singer, though. He needs to stop taking pictures of himself on Instagram, but I hear he’s single now. I’m just stating facts here.

3. One Direction- In keeping with the young pretty boy thing, what if I told you there was a boy band that was made up of five Justin Biebers with British Accents? Yes, girls everywhere are obsessed with One Direction, but I like their catchy songs. I wouldn’t care about them as much if it wasn’t for one of my roommates. She is completely obsessed with them. She knows where they are at all times and can tell you their sibling’s names. In other words, their fans are dedicated. We also may or may not have a cardboard cut out of one of them in our room. Their new album comes out tomorrow if you were wondering.
P.S.- If anyone asks, my favorite is Niall.

4. The Backstreet Boys- What is it with boy bands? They really should have died out in the early 2000s, but if you are from my generation I know you still blare “I Want It That Way” in secret. It’s ok. At one time in my life Backstreet was the only group that mattered. When I got a little older I went through a period of denial where I pretended to hate them, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I liked them when I was a kid, I still like them, and that feeling will probably never change. I can still remember their matching baggy pants and choreographed dance moves.

5. Avril Lavigne- Alright girls, admit it. If you had Avril Lavigne’s album “Let Go” in 2002 and knew every word to “Sk8ter Boi” (and knew it was spelled like that on the album), then you thought you were a 10-year-old badass. I would listen to that album in my room every day and hoped that my mom didn’t hear “it’s a damn cold night.” I still love Avril Lavigne. I have all four of her albums. Even the crappy pop album “The Best Damn Thing.”


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