10 Christmas songs Everyone Knows and Loves

It’s the busiest time of the year! I bet you are taking a study break from your loads of finals work right now aren’t you? Join the club. You know what will make studing a little more enjoyable? Music (bet you saw that one coming). In keeping with the Christmas theme I thought I would compile a list of my 10 favorite Christmas songs. There are many reasons to love this time of the year and one of them is the music. The best part about holiday tunes is that we all know them. I don’t know how, but we have these songs memorized and stored in our mind ready to be broken out as soon as December 1st rolls around. So on your study break make a holiday playlist to work to with some of these classic songs.

10. “Little St. Nick”- Oh the Beach Boys. I find this song very annoying, yet every time I hear it I can picture myself on a beach somewhere for Christmas instead of in Iowa. So, I guess it’s ok.

9. “Jingle Bell Rock”- I’ll admit it. I only like this song because of “Mean Girls” and every time I hear it that’s what I think of. “We’re doing a dance to this song…Jingle Bell Rock…You guys know that song?”…”Everybody in the English-speaking world knows that song.”

8. “Christmas Wrappings”- Do you not know this song? Look it up because it will change your life. It’s about women being fed up with their love lives and deciding to skip Christmas altogether. It’s so hilarious I sometimes listen to it even when it’s not Christmas time. No shame.

7. “All I Want For Christmas Is You”- I put aside my negative thoughts about Mariah Carey this time of year, so I don’t completely hate myself for listening to this song. But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love it?

6. “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town”- Springsteen version please!

5. “The Chipmunk Christmas Song”- Why is it that those little guys can sing anything and we will love it? I mean really, they are annoying and yet this song is addictive. I personally only like it because it’s in the beginning of “Almost Famous.” Rock journalism, ego driven rock stars, and Kate Hudson coming together with chipmunks who sing; that’s what Christmas is all about.

4. “Linus and Lucy”- You can hear it playing in your head right now can’t you? Snoopy is dancing around, the blonde kid is hunched over the alarmingly tiny piano, and Pig Pen is dancing with his bass, dust clouds flying. How is the a Christmas song? I do not know. I do know, however, that it is way too catchy.

3. “Blue Christmas”- The Elvis Christmas album is a staple in my household. We take our Elvis very seriously, so believe me when I say this is the only Christmas album you need to own. Wooowhooowhooooo.

2. “Silent Night”- Possibly the most famous Christmas song of all time? It reminds us of the real reason to celebrate the season and when done right it is absolutely gorgeous.

1. “Carol Of The Bells”- Whether it’s in “Home Alone” or that Target commercial where Santa is running into Target to get last minute gifts, this has got to be the greatest Christmas song ever. I believe “epic” could be used to describe it. This song sums up every feeling and understanding of the Christmas season. It’s intense just like this time of year. What could be better? Listening to this song on repeat that’s what.


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