Movies To Watch Over Winter Break

I can not describe how annoyed I get when people say that “Titanic” or God forbid some “Twilight” movie is there favorite movie of all time. Really? Have you not seen any other movies? Just because Channing Tatum is in “Step Up” does not mean that it is a good movie. Luckily there is a nice long winter break coming up so you can educate yourself on good filmmaking. Here is a list of some of my favorite movies that people my age should really watch. Your mission for break is to watch some of them (or all of them if you’re an overachiever) and promise me the next time someone asks you what your favorite movie is that you say something besides “Titanic.” We cannot give James Cameron the satisfaction.

“It’s a Wonderful Life”- Since Christmas is fast approaching you need to see “It’s a Wonderful Life.” James Stewart plays George Bailey, the guy that has given up on all of his dreams to do what is right. Everyone in Bedford Falls loves him, but one snowy Christmas Eve things aren’t going so hot for George Bailey and he wishes he was never born. Enter Clarence the greatest angel in the history of ever and George along with the audience learns the true meaning of being a rich man.

“Shawshank Redemption”- Probably one of the greatest twist endings of all time. Andy Dufresne is a hero to all.

“Casablanca”- Because my friend William requested this one!

“Interview With The Vampire”- Oh, so this is what vampires are suppose to be like! It’s super creepy and I don’t just mean Brad Pitt’s long hair. There’s something about the eeriness of New Orleans and the undead that both fascinates me and grosses me out. A must watch for anyone who thinks vampires sparkle. You would be surprised.

“Fight Club”- Yeah yeah we don’t talk about it, but I’m going to break the rules. Am I the only girl in the world who has seen “Fight CLub” and actually likes it? Yeah, it’s weird, but that’s what makes it awesome! Forget Brad Pitt for a minute because Edward Norton is the perfect crazy person.

“The Graduate”- I’m a bit obsessed with Dustin Hoffman. The fact that nobody thought he could pull of playing Benjamin Braddock in 1967 makes this movie a million times better. Plus it’s a great film to watch if you are in fact in college and are scared to death about what happens after they hand you the diploma. I’m not, however, guaranteeing that you will have an affair with an older woman and then end up running away with ELAINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

“The Departed”- Over 200 F-words and lots of mob violence. “Departed” is a classic Scorsese film. I am convinced that Jack Nicholson is a mob boss. Also, why is Mark Wahlberg so amazing? The soundtrack has the Stones and Pink Floyd. What more can you ask for?

“My Fair Lady”- It’s a really long movie, but totally worth it (especially if you can sit through “Titanic”). Eliza Doolittle is so loud and obnoxious, yet you can’t help but fall in love with her. Watch this movie so you can see Audrey Hepburn at her best.

“When Harry Met Sally…”- Back when romantic comedies were actually good and actually funny. People reference this movie all the time, but it’s way more than the scene in the restraunt. Can men and women really be friends? Why don’t you watch and find out.

“Rain Man”- Two Dustin Hoffman movies on one list! I did say I was obsessed. But “Rain Man” is a good reason to be. Hoffman plays the autistic Ray so beautifully and not over the top that it’s actually believable. Must be why he won the Oscar. The 1988 view on autism dates this movie a little, but we get a unique view into Ray’s world and how he interacts with his brother and eventually rocks that casino.

“The Breakfast Club”- One of my favorite movies. No, it is not about a club that gets together and eats breakfast. Every young person needs to see this movie. I’ll admit I use “Breakfast Club” quotes in my everyday life whenever possible and I would love to spend a saturday in detention with Judd Nelson. “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.” John Hughes really got it.

“Terms of Endearment”- “GIVE MY DAUGHTER THE SHOT!” Debra Winger and Shirley Maclaine embody every mother and daughter misunderstanding that we have all had at some point in time with our own mothers, but they still love each other in a weird crazy way. Winger says it best when Emma is on her death bed talking to her sons when she tells her oldest that she knows he loves her even when he pretends to hate her. I’ve seen it a million times and I still bawl every single time.

“Almost Famous”- When people ask me I will say this is my favorite movie of all time. Cameron Crowe is my hero. He wrote and directed this movie which perfectly embodies every thing that I assume was true about 70s rock music. Even though I unfortunately will never get to see it for myself I can at least imagine what it must have been like by watching this movie. It’s about William Miller (who is basically Crowe) who gets a job writing for Rolling Stone when he is just 15 and travels around the country with the fictional band Stillwater (basically a combination of Led Zeppelin/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Eagles/Allman Brothers Band). Kate Hudson is the groupie everyone is in love with and who almost kills herself. Then they all sing Elton John and remember that rock music is a pretty cool thing. And you thought “Breaking Dawn Part 2” was a good movie.

There you have it! Good luck on finals and get to watching!


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