Who Should Win, Who Will Win: The Golden Globes


You all know my drill by now. The Golden Globes are tonight on NBC and I’m happy to report that I have seen most of the movies nominated (well at least the ones that aren’t out in no man’s land somewhere) and have some opinions about the TV shows nominated. I’ve made my decisions and I’ll try to break it down here as simple as possible.


Best Picture-Drama:


Should Win- “Argo.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it is way too good! 


Will Win- Probably “Zero Dark Thirty.” I’m ok with that, though. It’s kind of hard not to like and be completely engrossed in a movie about killing America’s biggest enemy. I was so disappointed when the movie ended. I wanted to keep watching and that’s a pretty good sign it’s a best picture. 


Best Picture- Musical or Comedy:


Should Win- OMG “Silver Linings Playbook!” I’m obsessed! It’s so good and a movie that everyone can understand and relate to. I can’t relate to anything in “Moonrise Kingdom.” The whole time I sat thinking “wait, what are these kids doing?” Bradley Cooper is an idea understood by all. Isn’t that what comedies and musicals are suppose to be anyway? 


Will Win- I would hope “Silver Linings.” Just because “Les Mis” is a musical, doesn’t mean it needs to win. It was good don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I will ever take the time to sit through it again in this lifetime. 



Best Director:


Should Win- Screw the Academy! Affleck all the way! He 100% deserves it and I’m going to be steaming mad tonight when he doesn’t get it. Ugh.


Will Win- Oh I don’t know probably Kathryn Bigelow. The Academy screwed her over this year too so again I’d be ok if she won this one. It would be better than Tarantino winning anyway. Any woman who can survive being married to James Cameron and came back to beat his precious little movie about blue people is ok in my book.   


Best Actress-Drama:


Should Win- Jessica Chastain. That girl is a fighter and her role in “Zero Dark Thirty” as the chick that finds Bin Laden is pretty damn cool. I have no idea what parts of that movie are fact and what is exaggeration, but Chastain plays the perfect ballsy, obsessive leader.


Will Win- Jessica Chastain. It’s pretty obvious.


Best Actor-Drama:


Should Win: Denzel Washington. Playing an alcoholic coke head who lands planes upside down and saves lives is not the easiest role to play. Denzel pulls it off so well you forget that you’re just watching a movie. I completely believed his performance and that’s what makes him so timeless as an actor.


Will Win- Daniel Day-Lewis. Dude does anything, gets nominated, wins every time. Damn him.


Best Actor- Musical or Comedy:


Should Win- Bradley Cooper. Yes, he is SO hot, but he proves in “Silver Linings Playbook” that he can act. I’m in love with him now more than ever. He deserves the Golden Globe since he probably doesn’t stand a chance at the Oscars with Daniel Day Lewis standing in the way. 


Will Win- It will hopefully be Bradley, but I will be keeping a very close eye on Hugh Jackman. 


Best Actress- Musical or Comedy: 


Should Win- Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings Playbook.” She is just so cool! I’m obsessed with her and she shows that she really does know how to act. Anyone who can hold their own next to Bob De Niro has got serious skills. 


Will Win- Jennifer Lawrence. Not much competition there. 


Best Supporting Actress:


Should Win- Anne Hathaway. 


Will Win- Anne Hathaway. She’s in “Les Mis” for what, 15 minutes max in the beginning and she is the best part of the whole thing. I cannot wait to see her walk up and accept her Oscar next month. 



Best Supporting Actor: 


WAIT! I love all of them so much I can’t pick!!! What do you guys think?! 


Best Screenplay:


Should Win- There are a lot of amazing scrips this year, but I think “Zero Dark Thirty” might be the most deserving. It’s pretty amazing how Mark Boal put the script together and in such a short amount of time really. 


Will Win- Mark Boal. 


Best Original Score:


Should Win- The music makes the movie! “Argo” has got some really amazing music, but “Lincoln” probably has the best.


Will Win- “Lincoln.” Most likely. 


Best Original Song:


My God, is Taylor Swift nominated? I’ll go with anything, but her song please! 




The Cecil B. DeMille Award goes to Jodie Foster this year. That will be a fun one to watch. 






TELEVISION (I don’t watch TV shows that are on HBO and Showtime because well I’m in college and can’t afford that kind of stuff, but I will give you my input on all of the comedy shows I love and watch!) 


Best Television Comedy or Musical:



Should Win- “Modern Family.” 



Will Win- “Modern Family.” Do you remember a time when “Modern Family” didn’t win all of the comedy awards? Yeah, me either. 



Best Actress Comedy or Musical:


Should Win- Amy Poehler! She is so funny and adorable and “Parks and Rec” is an amazing show. She hasn’t won anything before so this should totally be her year! 


Will Win- Julia Louis-Dreyfus. You know, for that show that nobody, but the critics are watching. 


Best Actor Comedy or Musical:


Should Win- Jim Parsons. He’s just so adorable. 


Will Win- I could see Joey I mean Matt LeBlanc winning or even Louis C.K.


Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion picture made for Television:


Why are all of these people put in one category? It hurts my brain.


Best Supporting Actor blah blah blah


Should Win- Max Greenfield! “New Girl” is really just a show about a Jew named Schmit. I mean really. 



Will Win- The annoying guy from “Modern Family.” Ugh. 



There you have it! All of my picks! Make sure to check out my Twitter feed tonight (@StephKocer) where I will be live tweeting the whole show from my basement! I cannot wait to see what Amy and Tina are going to do! Happy Golden Globes everyone! 
























































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