Why the SAG Awards?

Happy Screen Actors Guild Awards day! You might be asking what are the SAG Awards? It’s a legitimate question because they are not the Oscars and they are not the Golden Globes. They are like the misunderstood middle child in between. That’s unfortunate because the SAG Awards might actually be the best. I mean they don’t matter as much as the Oscars, but they are the more down to Earth show. The Globes have extra categories and crazy nominations everywhere and the Oscars are snobby (but let’s face it you win the golden man and you get to have Academy Award Winner in front of your name in every introduction for the rest of your life. It’s kind of a huge deal). SAG is special though because the awards given to actors by other actors. The members of the Screen Actors Guild (which includes most actors in Hollywood) nominate their piers in Television and Film. I personally like the SAGs because they usually have some different nominations from the other two shows. And if memory serves me right they often have different choices in winners too. For example, Best Actress at the Academy Awards is going to be between Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence. Both amazingly talented in every way. Personally I think Lawrence is a little better. Don’t get me wrong “Zero Dark Thirty” was great and Chastain was perfect in it and probably deserves the Oscar too, but I think Lawrence just got into her character so well and was so dark and twisted. Chastain was just stressed out the whole time. Lawrence had real pain (I would too if I was dancing around with Bradley Cooper and he was still trying to get his wife back). The Oscar will most likely go to Chastain, though. The Academy eats that shit up. The Screen Actors Guild, however, looks at what goes into the acting more than the action and how stressed out and angry the person gets in the movie. Since the awards are voted on by other actors they also understand what kind of heart and soul goes into a role like Lawrence’s in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Another great thing about the SAG awards is that since it’s put on by actors for actors they don’t have to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and they can drink more freely, which means they will say funnier things. Score. My favorite part about SAG is that there are not any best films as a whole type of awards. Instead of “Best Picture” they have best acting by a cast. It’s all about the actors and how they came together and worked together to make the film. I think that’s pretty cool.


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