The Grammys: Who Should Win

Happy Grammy week everyone! The Grammys are next Sunday (the 10th) on CBS, which means it’s time to predict some winners. The nominations were really great this year with some random ones in between. Since music’s biggest night isn’t going to be dominated this year by any one person (cough Adele) it will be a fun night that’s bound to have a few surprises. Let’s break down all of the big awards:

Record of the Year-
Please, not Taylor Swift. I want to see this one go to The Black Keys’s “Lonely Boy” or Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You.” I have a feeling it will probably go to Fun.’s “We Are Young,” which has unfortunately become way too over-played.

Album of the Year-
The biggest award of the night should go to “El Camino” or “Some Nights.” I don’t think there needs to be anymore explanation than that.

Song of the Year-
Don’t ask me what the difference between song and record of the year is because I really have no idea. I do know that I will loose my faith in humanity if “Call Me Maybe” wins. That is not a song, it’s an annoyance that follows me everywhere there’s a radio. It is not a Grammy winning piece of music (if you can even call it that). I don’t care which song wins this as long as it’s not “Call Me Maybe.”

Best New Artist-
This is always a fun category. Most of the previous winners have gone on to have very successful careers. With that being said Fun. should win. And even if they don’t, I have no doubt they have a huge career ahead of them.

Best Pop Solo Performance-
Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Carly Rae Jepsen in one category? No thank you. It’s a good thing Adele is nominated in this category too and will win for “Set Fire to the Rain.” Thanks Adele.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance-
The fact that LMFAO is nominated for a Grammy makes me want to cry and lock myself in my room for months. Why? Why did this happen? Who let this happen? Although Fun. probably has a good chance in winning with “We Are Young” I feel like Florence & The Machine’s “Shake It Out” is a pretty cool song. It has a good musical arrangement and dark lyrics only a truly talented group or duo could pull off.

Best Pop Vocal Album-
There are some very popular albums in this category. I clearly am biased towards Fun., but I think Maroon 5’s “Overexposed” would be a good fit for “pop vocal” since I don’t really understand how they qualify as a rock band. I guess they are a pop band?

Best Rock Performance-
Oh thank God. The Black Key’s “Lonely Boy” is the perfect rock performance.

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance-
I miss the Foo Fighters already. It is pretty cool that Iron Maiden has a song nominated, though. Maybe they should win.

Best Rock Song-
I’m guessing “We Take Care of Our Own” by Mr. Springsteen will have to take how something in one of the rock categories at some point in the night.

Best Rock Album-
Everyone loves “Wrecking Ball,” but “El Camino” is so innovative, new, and fresh. Isn’t that what the Grammy Awards are all about? At least the Black Keys are carrying on the traditions that Bruce started. The only difference is you can understand Dan Auerbach when he sings still.

Best Rap Performance-
Hahahaha. Rap categories make me laugh. It’s a good thing the Grammys actually know how to nominate rap categories. “Mercy” is good, but if we have to see Kanye win I would rather it be with Jay-Z for “N****s in Paris.”

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration-
What is with the names of these categories? I’d like to see “No Church in the Wild” win this one. It’s a pretty good song for being so auto-tuned. Jay-Z and Kanye can write deep lyrics, I will give them that.

Best Rap Song-
I love reading all of the people it took to make one rap song. As much as I hate to give Kanye the satisfaction of winning anything ever, I do like “Mercy” and think it deserves to win something. There I said it.

Best Rap Album-
If “Take Care” doesn’t win then I do not understand the music industry or the Grammys at all anymore. It’s so unique. It’s so easy to listen to.

*Sorry, I can’t do the country categories as I do not listen to country and I can’t for the life of me understand it.*

Best American Album-
This is one of my favorite categories. What does it mean to be an American album? Mumford & Sons should be our indication I guess. As much as I love them, I find The Lumineers fascinating. It’s probably because their song was featured in “Silver Linings Playbook,” which is my obsession this awards season.

Best Spoken Word Album-
This is a wonderful category because Ellen, Bill Clinton, and Rachel Maddow are all nominated for, let’s be honest here, being awesome and reading a book. I love it.

Best Comedy Album-
Please let it be Jimmy Fallon. I just want to see him give an adorable acceptance speech. I love him.

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media-
Fancy name for soundtrack. It should really be “Rock of Ages.” Come on, show the 80s hair metal some love.

Best Song Soundtrack for Visual Media-
“The Dark Knight Rises” soundtrack is so amazing. And scary. Hans Zimmer kills anything he scores.

Best Song Written for Visual Media-
Please, no Taylor Swift.


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