The Battle For Late Night TV is On.

Say it ain’t so NBC. Why do they do this? Should we be blaming Kimmel? Unfortunately for NBC, ABC had a stroke of genius and sent Jimmy Kimmel, who is friends with like everyone in Hollywood, to the same late night talk show time slot as Jay Leno. Now NBC’s ratings are down, ABC’s are up and all hell is breaking loose. The rumor mills are going crazy with claims that NBC is about to give Leno the boot to move the adorable Jimmy Fallon into the spotlight of “The Tonight Show.” Normally, I would be ecstatic about this change up. 1. I love Jimmy Fallon. He’s so happy and fun all of the time. I just want to be his best friend. 2. I for some odd reason don’t trust Jimmy Kimmel. Call me crazy, but Matt Damon might be on to something. 3. Anything to piss Letterman off makes me extremely happy. and 4. have I mentioned how great Jimmy Fallon is? So, from the looks of it NBC is probably making the right decision. Correcto (said in Brad Pitt’s fake italian from “Inglorious Bastards”)? Nope. Not even close.

The reality of this rumor (it is still a rumor) is something can and might very well go wrong. Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? Flashback to the year 2010, Jay Leno announced that he was leaving “The Tonight Show” and an equally happy and zany character named Conan O’Brien was to take over as the reigning king in late night television. This indeed happened. Leno got his own show in a primetime spot and Conan took over the “Tonight Show” slot. Months went by and somehow (I am still baffled by it) that damn Letterman started winning in the ratings. NBC decided they had made a huge mistake and not only let Jimmy Fallon keep his “Late Night” hosting gig, but gave Leno his original show back and kicked Conan out completely. Although, I was happy Fallon got to keep his show because of his adorableness and stuff I asked the same question everyone else was asking, isn’t that a very rude thing to do to Conan? And believe me I don’t really get the appeal of Conan, but I feel like enough people like him that he should have been doing well in the ratings. Who knows what happened. TV ratings can be very strange things. After all, “Cheers” was almost canceled after its first season (a crime I know).

So, what’s the point I’m trying to get at here? I would love to see Fallon head “The Tonight Show” because it will happen one day. I think it would be great and I think he could kick some serious Kimmel/Letterman ass, BUT I’m worried. What if Fallon doesn’t fix the ratings right away? Is NBC going to be stupid again and freak out and ruin everything for him? Are they going to then reinstate Leno? I hope this doesn’t happen because Jimmy Fallon is such a happy person. Seriously, have you ever seen him just a tad bit sad? I would hate to see him kicked off of NBC and forced to go to a cable network like TBS, be all unhappy, grow a beard, and hope he brought his viewers with him. Please, NBC don’t crush his spirits.

And what is going to happen to Leno? See ya later old man? He’s past 60 now so he’s boring and us young people don’t understand him. If Leno is too old for his job, then WHY HAVEN’T WE GOTTEN RID OF LETTERMAN? At least Leno knows what’s going on and actually tries to remember things about his guests when they come on. I feel bad for Leno. I like his show. I think guests like to come on and talk with him. I feel bad for him, but he did screw over Conan (geez I wonder what he thinks of this), but then again he saved us from Letterman taking over the show back in 1993. I just hope NBC is paying attention. I hope they don’t do something idiotic again that makes them and everyone else involved look bad. Please tell me that they won’t kick Leno out on the street (maybe he could still do some stuff for NBC) and please please please don’t screw over Jimmy Fallon. He’s the only ray of smiling, happy light we have in late night. I mean he got Channing Tatum to dress up like a girl. Fallon is boss. So, don’t hurt America’s sweetheart NBC.


A very concerned college student who stays up and actually watches Fallon.

PS- If this is to happen who is going to take over “Late Night?” Gosh, I know it’s earlier than I expected, but sure I’ll throw my hat into the race NBC.


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