Richie Sambora Leaves Bon Jovi Tour

Twenty years. That’s how long I’ve been listening to Bon Jovi. I listened to them even when I didn’t have a choice because of my mother. If there’s one person that loves Bon Jovi more than me in this world it’s her. They are her favorite band. Mock the Jersey boys all you want, but there’s a reason they have so many fans around the world. Sure their new material kind of all sounds the same, but let’s be honest here most bands with a giant catalogue song’s sound the same after a while (you can’t tell me that all of the Stones and Beatles songs you know eventually mash into one collective monster of a song once you’ve listened to them enough times). I can sit here and defend my Bon Jovi guilty pleasure all day, but it really just comes down to the fact that I was raised on them by my mother who is the equivalent of a Bon Jovi Directioner (I could write a whole blog about that, but let’s not get me started). So, what’s my point? My mom has never seen Bon Jovi live. I’ve seen Jon play an acoustic set by himself, but I’ve also never seen them together. A week from today I am taking my mom to her first Bon Jovi show here in Des Moines. The problem? Richie Sambora has just announced he will be leaving the Bon Jovi tour.

I shouldn’t say he will be leaving. He’s already gone. Some of you may be wondering what the big deal is. The deal is you can’t have Bon Jovi without Richie. Yes, the band is named after singer Jon Bon Jovi, but he alone is not the band. Bon Jovi is Jon, Richie, David, and Tico (bet you’ve never heard of the last two guys right? Come on people!). You can’t have Bon Jovi without Richie. Jon may think that you can, but trust me on this, you can’t. So, why did Richie leave? Apparently Jon was mean to him ย and Richie left for “personal reasons.” Oh, that term. What does it mean? I have my guesses (I know rock musician code pretty well by now), but I’ll let you make your own conclusion about it. There is something going on between Jon and Richie, though. Can’t deny that for a second. I know Jon is the designated leader and I guess all of the other members are ok with that, but come on that is just an argument waiting to happen. The rest of the tour is still going on as planned, which means with or without Richie, Jon will continue to play his shows. I love Jon to death, but in my personal opinion I kind of wish he would just cancel the rest of the tour and give me my money back. It’s almost not worth it. To see him without Richie by his side? It doesn’t seem possible.

This also means that my poor mother won’t be able to see Bon Jovi fully. Sure Jon will be there singing his heart out, thinking he is a big hero, but it won’t be Bon Jovi. It will just be Jon and the other two guys (and the cool violinist). I keep hoping Jon and Richie will patch up the little spat Tyler/Perry style by next Sunday, but I know it won’t happen. I keep reassuring my mother that it will still be a fun concert, and we are getting to be a part of rock history at a very dicy time in the Bon Jovi saga. I would say there will be another opportunity to see them, but they are getting older. It just about killed me inside when my mom called me on Thursday practically bawling because she had heard the news that she wasn’t going to get to see her Richie.

Next Sunday will be interesting to say the least. I just hope we can enjoy ourselves with just the voice. I know we will deeply miss the guitar and I’m not afraid to admit I will probably cry, but we will see how it goes. Every concert is a chance to make history and I want to be apart of it no matter who’s up on stage. But, this is my formal Internet plee:

Guys, whatever’s going on, please for the sake of the fans like my mom and I, figure it out, get it together, take care of yourselves, and know that no matter what we support you. Because we can (ahahaha I am killing with these Bon Jovi puns).

Love Always,



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