Proper Concert Attire

I had a friend ask me today what she should wear to a concert she’s headed to this weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone ask my advice about fashion before, but I suppose this is one area of it that I’d be good at explaining. So here I am writing about fashion (sorta).


If your concert is inside:

1. Steph’s number one tip? Never wear heels. Yeah, I know you want to look cute for whoever it is that you’re seeing because of course he is going to notice you in the crowd (not saying that Nate Ruess from Fun. didn’t look into my soul when I saw them live, but I’m trying to be realistic here). If your concert is in a big arena or even a smaller venue, chances are there will be some big steps you need to go up and down and you don’t want to be the girl that falls down (or up, if that’s your thing) those steps. Also, it is always extremely awkward trying to maneuver between people in your row if you have to get up for some reason during the show. Now, imagine doing that in heels! You will fall into a stranger’s lap. Not good. I also guarantee your feet will be killing you after two hours of standing in heels. You want to enjoy the show, not hate your feet.

2. Layers: Yes or No? I don’t have a clear answer to this. I hate bringing in a ton of things to a show and feeling like I have to babysit them the whole time. However, I’m from the Midwest so I know what it’s like to leave a hot arena and head out into a freezing cold Minnesota night. Here’s what I suggest: if you insist on wearing that new, cute tank top during the winter months, bring a layer. Don’t worry you’ll thank me later. If you think you will be ok in what you’re wearing then don’t bring one, but just remember to not complain if you’re cold. If it’s during the summer time or you live in Florida this rule probably doesn’t need to apply. 

3. Bags. They’re tricky. Don’t ever bring a huge purse or bag into a show. If you feel like you must bring one have a small one that goes over your shoulder. If you’re a mover during concerts don’t bring a huge bag that goes over your shoulder because when you’re doing your wild dancing that bag is probably hitting someone next to you. Please don’t be that girl.

4. Band T-shirts. Ugh. Don’t be offended, but one of my pet peeves is when people wear a band’s t-shirt to their own show. Meaning if I go to a Stones concert then I wear a Stones shirt. There is no rule anyway, in the history of ever that says you have to do this. I just hate looking into the crowd and seeing everyone wearing the same three shirts. You don’t have to wear one so people know that yes, you are a hardcore fan of the band. We get it. You wouldn’t be there if you weren’t a fan. Although, t-shirts are a comfy thing to wear to a show, I just want to remind you there’s no rule that says you have to wear the bands t-shirt. I promise, I still know you’re a fan without it.


If your concert is outside:

1. Always be comfy. No heels. Depending on where this concert is, you will most likely be standing the whole time. Wear comfy shoes that won’t hurt your feet. Yes, that means no heels. Ever.

2. Be prepared. If you’re at some state fair or place with a dirt-like floor, wear something you would be ok with getting dirty. You never know what could happen. Also, you never know, at any show really, when you will be stuck by the guy who has had too much to drink. He will spill beer on you. Don’t freak out. Just wear something that won’t stain and you won’t be heartbroken over it getting a little booze bath.

3. Watch your hair. Ok, technically hair isn’t clothing, but make sure you wear your hair accordingly. If you know it’s going to be hot and humid, then just put your hair up. Don’t be the girl that whips the people in back of you with your hair while you put it into a ponytail. No one likes a mouth full of hair.

4. Being able to see. Um, I’d say that’s pretty important. If your concert is during the day make sure you bring a pair of sunglasses. Sure, you’re going to look super cool while wearing them, but you also won’t be blinded by the sun.

5. Pay attention to the weather. Again, if it’s not summer or Florida make sure you dress in layers. A sweatshirt and your favorite North Face jacket is still cute. Wouldn’t you rather be warm and enjoying the show? After all, concerts are all about the music and having fun. Don’t forget that. And no heels.



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