“The Great Gatsby” Short Review

I know I said I was taking a week off to focus on finals, but a new DiCaprio movie is out so I had to take care of that first. I also can’t help myself; I must give you the lowdown. Here is the short version of a review.

Thoughts: First off, Leonardo DiCaprio is a beautiful man. I love him very much. He played a good Jay Gatsby under the circumstances. Those circumstances being that Baz Luhrmann has no idea how to direct a movie. The whole thing was tailored to be in 3D (which I did not experience because I am poor), so there was lots of awkward movement, things floating, and unnecessary dreaminess to the whole thing. I unfortunately don’t think his performance as Jay will get him an Oscar nom. He played it well, but not quite Bradley S.L.P. style. Also, I think there is an unwritten rule that you can’t say “old sport” a million times and get nominated. (Note to self: re-read the book this summer. I don’t remember Gatsby being that annoying. Although, I do remember him being that clingy.) Lastly, I have come to the conclusion that I would much rather watch Leo freeze to death on a piece of wood that there was clearly room for two on in the worst movie ever made then see him laying in a casket. I really thought I was going to burst into tears and have to leave the theater. So, final verdict: it was decent. Like I said, Leonardo DiCaprio is a beautiful man, which makes up for most of the movie’s flaws. My favorite Leo character is still Billy Costigan. What a great dude he was (and what a great buzz cut)!



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