Appreciating Things More

I think I learned a very important thing this week. I interviewed a bluegrass band this week for a project I am doing on local bands for my internship. I wanted to do profiles on local bands that were all completely different from each other. Now, I am not one to really enjoy country music, so I assumed that I would have nothing in common with a group that plays bluegrass. However, I quickly found out it was quite the opposite. We had a lot to talk about and they even taught me a lot about bluegrass that I had never known. Turns out bluegrass is this whole culture and it takes a talented musician to play it. I was so impressed by my interview subjects and what they were able to teach me that it got me thinking. I have an opinion on pretty much everything. I have likes and I for sure have dislikes, but I have decided that I need to start appreciating all kinds of music genres, artists, and films. Even if I don’t like them, they might be important to somebody else. So I’ve compiled a list (yay lists) of the things I am going to start appreciating more. Here it goes:

1. Tom Petty- Every Tuesday when I drive home from work there is a two-for-Tuesday of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Wether he is free fallin’ or running down the drain, his voice drives me absolutely insane. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. I do not understand how anyone can like him. However, I know many people do. So I will try to appreciate you more Tom.

2. My brother’s music- My little brother has a terrible taste in music. Almost all of the songs that he has forced on to my iPod have some lame rap bit by Rick Ross. He told me a couple days ago that “Rick Ross was the greatest writer in America.” Good God. Don’t get me wrong, I love rap when done right. And maybe I have such a problem with this new wave of rap (Macklemore what is that?!) because I grew up on Marshall Mathers and there’s really nothing that can beat that. Alas, my brother will hopefully come to his senses someday. Until then I will try and appreciate Rick Ross.

3. U2- I just don’t get U2. Never been a fan. Maybe I can find someone who can explain them to me.

4. Justin Bieber- I am a Bieber fan for sure! Lately, I feel like I have been neglecting my love for the tiny Canadian. Maybe this is the reason he has been being so naughty and Michael Jackson-like lately. I’m going to try and work on our relationship I promise Justin!

5. Superhero movies- Do we really need more movies based on old comic books? I love the “Dark Knight” series, but only because of Heath Ledger, God rest his sole, and Tom Hardy (consider this my unofficial marriage proposal to you Tom). And sometimes I like “Iron Man,” but only because of Robert Downey Jr. Other than that, what is the point?! They are all the same and unless Nolan is directly the plot lines are terrible. I know almost everyone else in the world loves it, though.

6. The Beatles- Someday I will write something all about my issues with The Beatles. I’m not emotionally ready for that yet, though. So until then I’m just going to try and understand them a little more and try to appreciate them. It hurts me to even type that sentence.

So there it is. I am also going to try and appreciate being patient because I am patiently awaiting the arrival of the next “Star Wars” movie from Netflix. Fingers crossed it comes soon!

P.S.- This next week I am headed to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame! Get ready for a huge blog all about it when I return!


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