Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Talk to any of my friends and they will tell you that through the years I have gone through my fair share of obsessions. There was that time I loved “Pirates of the Caribbean” and decorated my room accordingly or the time I thought I was madly in love with Justin Bieber (I’m not saying that’s entirely not true anymore). There are also some obsessions that I will never outgrown like my love of “The Lion King” and Harry Potter, or my deep love for Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain (rest his soul). But most of the time I go through stages. Here are several things I’m obsessed with right now:

Lady Gaga’s “Applause”-
Oh my gosh. I love Lady Gaga. She’s crazy and a perfect singer. I was a little upset with her when she canceled the Born This Way Ball before it even got going in America, but now she is finally back with her new album dropping in November! I am seriously counting down the days.

The mysterious “20/20 Experience” sequel-
JT you sneaky bastard. Apparently there is a part two to Justin Timberlake’s latest epic. I must get my hands on it. It’s suppository coming out sometime this fall.

“The Wolf of Wall Street”-
Four of my favorite things in one place. DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Marty Scorsese, and a good old crime movie. November is going to be a fabulous month.

While I’m thinking about Jonah Hill…-
I’m super obsessed with him right now. I’m kind of in love. I mean he’s funny and at the same time really crabby. And lately he’s been really tan? 22 Jump Street starts filming in a couple of weeks. And yes, I only know that because I stalk his Twitter.

Niall Horan-
And on the subject of stalking people’s Twitters, I can’t hide my directioner status. Niall is the best boy in the group BY FAR. I can’t get enough of his ridiculous laugh, beautiful blue eyes, and hypnotizing Irish accent. And his birthday is in a week! Ellie Goulding better back off.

The fate of SNL and John Mulaney-
This is kind of a two-in-one type of thing. One, I’m excited to see the new cast members and how SNL is going to once again pick up the pieces as a huge cast has now disbanded. Two, if I had things my way (Lorne Michaels I hope you’re reading this), I would appoint writer John Mulaney to head writer and Weekend Update anchor after Sethy leaves in January. HOWEVER, Mulaney is suppository trying to get his own show, so I would be ok with that too. I just need more of his adorable funniness in my life.

“New Girl” season three yo!–
Since it got totally screwed from Emmy this year, I’ve got to give “New Girl” some love here. It’s such a funny show. Especially because Jake Johnson is the funniest thing out there right now. You people need to start watching this show.

“How I Met Your Mother”-
I’ve finally started watching HIMYM from the beginning. It’s actually a really great show. I find Ted a little annoying, but since he’s finally about to meet his wife for the final season maybe he will calm himself a little. And as always, Jason Segel is adorably amazing.


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