I finally get Grey’s Anatomy

Netflix is a wonderful thing. You can do so much with it. You can have movies sent right to your house, you can live stream lame B movies right on your laptop! More importantly, you can “binge watch” television shows. I’m talking about all nine seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” type of binge watching here people. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix, from Disney movies to weird comedy hours to shows that I don’t normally get to watch because I’m a normal person and I don’t get HBO (also part of the poor college student problem).

Recently though, I’ve done something on Netflix that I told myself I would never do. It all started a few weeks ago when I, for some reason, was watching ABC and saw a commercial advertising the 10th season of “Grey’s Anatomy.” My first thought was, “My God! Grey’s Anatomy is still a thing?” I had no idea it was still on TV! My second thought was “10 seasons? Wow! I must investigate this.” Because I’m a journalist and that’s what we do (I tell myself this so I won’t seem so pathetic to you when I’m done with my story). Anyways, my next logical step was to take to Twitter. I needed to find out if people still cared about this show or if ABC was just sucking the life from it for as long as possible to make money. Turns out people still love it. I think the GA fans that existed back in 2005 are still out there and most are still watching, they are just less vocal about it. I mean, think about it! After Katherine Heigl left, no one seemed to care anymore. At least the media didn’t make that big of deal out of the show anymore.

The next step was Google. I found everything I needed there. I read the Wikipedia page on the show, so I know basically how the storyline sort of goes. I then kept reading news about how someone is about to die or something in the season that is actually about to start in a couple of weeks. I told myself “Whatever. It’s not like I care about Grey’s Anatomy anyway.” You see, I told myself that because I had many friends that were obsessed with GA back in the day, before Meredith and Derek were even dating (gasp!)! I never watched it. I make it a point to not watch shows with lots of relationship crap and medical drama, which GA has an awful lot of. I don’t know why I did what I did next. Call it an impulse or fate, but for some reason I opened up my Netflix account and started to play GA from the first episode of the first season. Worst mistake I’ve ever made. I said I would never watch it. Never. And as I type I have it playing in another tab because I can’t bring myself to turn it off. I don’t even like it… that much. I just can’t stop watching. I’m on season three now, episode 12. I’ve done what I said I would never do. But I now understand “Grey’s Anatomy.”

I get now why back in the day people could barely wait until the next week to get a new episode. It’s completely unexplainable though, because I don’t even like half of the characters. For starters there’s Meredith. She’s the main character and yet, I could care less about her. I don’t understand her and Derek’s relationship at all! And I actually really like Addison. She’s not as bad as everyone made her out to be. Now I know, I am living in about 2008 right now. The show has, as I’ve been told, changed drastically since the original cast (most of which, as Wikipedia told me, have left the show or had their characters killed off). I am about to harp on issues that probably make no sense to fans out there now and that don’t matter at all to season 10’s current story lines. But I don’t care. Let’s take a trip down TV memory lane, shall we?

First of all, Christina pisses me off and makes me laugh all at the same time. She will be a good surgeon. Dr. Burke, however, is sweet, but boring. I believe he’s about to leave at the point I’m at so that’s probably for the best. His and Christina’s relationship is weird, though. Not a lot of chemistry between the two of them. Two, Meredith’s mother is the most annoying thing ever. I know she is ill, but she is a very mean ill person! I assume she will eventually pass away, which will be sad, but then she won’t make me feel so uncomfortable. Meredith, I feel, has no personality. She is fun, but I just don’t know what her deal is. I am also told she gets better as the seasons go on. I love George and feel awful that he will at some point die. I think Miranda Bailey is just about the coolest person on earth. If I was ever a surgeon (let’s all take a moment to laugh), I would want to be just like her. The chief is boring, Derek is like Meredith and has no personality (Oh hey! I just realized why they are perfect for each other!), and I think Sloan is mean right now, but I bet he will get better. I can’t take Callie seriously right now because I know she’s a lesbian. She can’t seem real with George to me because I know that detail. It’s kind of like the whole I already knew Luke and Leia were brother and sister thing. But I think Callie is super funny and I enjoy her.

Then there’s Izzie. I love Katherine Heigl so I really thought I would like Izzie. Turns out I can’t stand her. It’s just like Bailey said, she gets too involved with her patients and is very emotional and dramatic (probably why Heigl got so much praise in the role). I will not be sad when I hit the season when she leaves. This brings me to my Denny rant (Yes, I know. Old news. You’re baring with me remember?). I have nothing against Denny. He was very funny and sweet and I felt bad that he had to die. And I probably felt this way because I have been binge watching and went through season two in like three days, but why in God’s name would Izzie think she was in love with a dying man who she had scenes with in like maybe five episodes? Then after he dies she is in shambles in the famous scene where she’s in her pink dress lying on the bathroom floor calling him her dead fiance. Um hello! You were engaged to a dying man for about three hours! And you barely knew him! What kind of people are writing for this show?!

This brings me full circle and to the main reason I am still for some terrible reason watching this ridiculous show; Alex Karev. Izzie, why would you pick a dying man over him? Sure he’s mean, a douche even, and he needs to control his anger, but oh my gosh there is lots of good under all of that “dark and twisty inside!” He needs to stop getting Sloan dry cappuccinos and declare pediatrics already. Every time he’s with a kid on the show I die a little inside. He is so… what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah. Beautiful. Totally the reason I’m still putting myself through this torture. And whatever Izzie does to him in future me watching, I hope he will someday get to be happy. That’s all I really care about. That Karev gets to be happy too because I think he’s really the one that is dark and twisty inside. And that my friends is the story of how I now finally understand “Grey’s Anatomy.” About seven years too late, but whatever.


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