Next Week I Will Say Goodbye To ‘Glee’

It seems like it was only a few short years ago that I discovered “Glee.” Those were the days. Journey songs, happy (not creepy) Mr. Shue, and Quinn actually had a point. Creator, writer, producer Ryan Murphy was seen as a genius. A show about nerdy kids that sing. What could be better? Oh! Remember when Sue was funny and in every episode? Yeah, me either. Now “Glee” is one big joke. The story lines are too ridiculous and unbelievable. I mean unbelievable in the “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. This would never happen in real life” sense. I find myself laughing more at the stupidity than the actual jokes (if there ever are any).

The first season was wonderful. A breath of fresh air even. Then the second season came. Couples broke up and dated other people, they went to the National show choir awards (oo shocker!). It was ok at best. Then the third season. More couples broke up and then got back together with their original parters. Santana officially switched to liking the ladies, and for some reason Quinn got in a car accident and almost didn’t walk again, but then since it was “Glee” she magically did. Remember when Finn and Rachel were going to get married? Yeah, that was weird. Remember when Puck was actually on the show and like awesome and stuff? Me too. Then there was that time that Artie was just adorable (oh wait, that’s all the time). Alas, things got weird when half of the glee club graduated and went their separate ways, though not from the show of course. Instead season four came along with the younger people still in high school (yay Artie!) and the elderly off doing their own thing. The show still had heavy amounts of Rachel and Kurt (Murphy’s favorite by a long shot), but some people we hardly knew anymore like Mercedes and Puck. Quinn was hardly in like two episodes and there wasn’t even that much of Finn, who, if I remember correctly, did about a million and one things throughout the season because he couldn’t decide what he wanted to be. Once in a while Kate Hudson showed up. It was a mess and Murphy still added new characters, who, let’s be honest, suck. Poor Blaine and Artie having to be stuck back in high school with them!

Season four ended confusingly and a giant train wreck, so it only made since that last week’s premier started up in the same fashion. You’re probably wondering “Why on Earth are you still watching then?” Good question. If I were able to answer that I would have given up a long time ago. There are no good story lines anymore. Rachel’s would be good if I didn’t despise her so much. And if I’m being totally honest, what makes the story so unbelievable now is that everyone on the show is “playing for the other team” so to speak. Now, it’s about to go there so just bear with me. This is not ย a political or social rant of any kind. As my friend Doctor Alex Karev from “Grey’s Anatomy” would say, “I’m down with the rainbow man, get yours!” I love Kurt and I love Blaine. I might have even liked Santana and Brittany at some point, but then there was everyone else. I’m sorry, but it’s just a little too far fetched, even for you “Glee.” It’s hard to watch every week and not role your eyes and wonder “These writers are literally throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us.” Actually, they have thrown several kitchen sinks, but who’s counting? I have a hard time remembering all the story lines now; who has dated who, who cheated on who, who almost got married, who actually does any singing anymore.

I came to the harsh reality around the end of season two that “Glee” was stupid and didn’t make any sense, but I kept watching anyway. Now, however, I think it is time to let it go. I’m not just saying this because of my newfound love/hate relationship with “Grey’s Anatomy,” which is on at the same time as “Glee” (although it may be entirely part of it). I’m calling it because let’s face it; they waited until the fifth season to do The Beatles. This upsets me and, as I don’t like to discuss publicly yet, I don’t even like The Beatles. But the bigger reason is that next week we reach the climax of the summer’s biggest Hollywood tragedy. It was officially confirmed today that actor Cory Monteith, who played Finn, was killed by a heroin and alcohol overdose this summer. Leaving many “Glee” fans that were still hanging on (such as myself) in shock and wondering what will happen to Finn. I was never a huge Finn shipper. He was ok in the first season, but I am never one to be a fan of someone who can’t make a decision, which was the definition of Finn Hudson. Next week, “Glee,” in what I’m sure will be a sappy, emotional, and well-deserved sendoff, will kill Finn. No one knows how. No one knows why. But isn’t that what Monteith’s tragic end was like too? So, in honor of Finn, Monteith, and everything “Glee” used to be (back when it was funny and charming) I will sit down one last time next Thursday night and watch as Murphy pulls out the biggest and definitely the strangest (but in a different way of course) “Glee” episode yet. I will say goodbye to Finn and Monteith and then I will move on. I will find another show that deserves my fandom and is worth my time. A show like “Parks and Rec” that has never let me down or confused me. I will be able to keep a story straight again and will be able to finally be free of Rachel Berry. I’ll be happy again. After all, it was confirmed yesterday that FOX has officially picked up John Mulaney’s sitcom. I’ll be patiently waiting for the chance to see that adorableness every week. In conclusion, next week will be my last episode of “Glee.” Unless I get a really scary Netflix urge (which happens more than I’d like to admit to), I will be done with it. Since one of the original main characters is gone, it seems fitting that I now move on.


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