Miley the evil genius

I kind of love Miley Cyrus. I was indifferent to her until she decided to dump the acting and become everything Taylor Swift wishes she could be. In short: She’s kind of awesome. Sorry parents, but just like Britney and Christina before her, Miley is just doing the pop thing. More pop, more shock. That’s how it works. You remember Madonna right? And come on, no matter what Miley does, is it going to measure up to what Rihanna is doing? I mean have you seen Ri Ri’s Instagram?

Anyways, whether you love her or hate her, you are talking about her. Which is exactly what she wants. Her new album “Bangerz” came out today and guess what! It’s already number one on like every chart. See what Miles is doing here? She’s been doing attention-grabbing things for months now hoping that you would pay attention to her and eventually buy her album in October. Well, it’s October and I’m guessing almost everyone in America has given “Bangerz” a listen. Miley = evil genius.

But enough about her awesomeness. Let’s get to the music. The big question is, of course, is her album good? We should really be asking how good can this album possibly be? The truth is it is actually pretty good. And when I say “pretty good” it’s a high compliment. At first I hated “We Can’t Stop.” My roommates and I played it on the daily just to make fun of it. But then SNL parodied it and suddenly it became a whole lot catcher (but everything does once Abe Lincoln is involved). Then there’s the other hit single “Wrecking Ball,” which is one of the best pop songs I’ve heard in a long time. Don’t be afraid to admit it; you love that song. Another thing that’s great about Miley is that she has been doing press for the album this week and has been singing live the whole time. Major props. Not even mighty Britney can do that. And while we are on the subject of Brit Brit I’d just like to say that I’m terribly disappointed in her song “Work Bitch.” It is just cheap thrills. It makes me feel uncomfortable every time I hear it. “Wrecking Ball,” however, makes me feel strong and empowered. Miley is winning this round.

The rest of the tracks on “Bangerz” are toss ups. There are some that I really loved and others that made me say “Wtf. What is this noise?” In other words, there is a good mix of great songs and a few “Ok Miley, you’re not Hannah anymore. We get it” type of songs. Some she kills perfectly, others she is trying to hard. The song “Adore You” starts the album off and it is brilliant. It’s a slow jam with a lot of heart, which I did not expect from the girl with teddy bears and Robin Thicke. I was utterly impressed. To make it weird she has a song with Britney. I know right? But, “SMS (Bangerz)” is actually a better song than “Work Bitch.” It’s super weird, but kind of made me want to dance, which is what pop is supposed to be. It’s also really funny when Miley drops the F-bomb.

“4×4” is another funny track. At first it’s annoying because Miley proclaims that she’s a “female rebel,” but after a while (and once you listen to the hysterical lyrics) it grows on you. It’s got a unique beat that could make you stop and listen if you were to hear it on the radio. “My Darlin'” is a slower song that could do without the over-compensating of the bass and some rapper named Future. You’ll find that after the Britney collaboration, every other guest on the album disappoints and doesn’t seem to make sense. The tracks could really do without all the rap-wanna-be crap.

Another fabulous song is called “Love Money Party.” Again, this is Miley trying a little too hard to be a female Macklemore, but at the same time it’s still entertaining. When I first saw there was a track called “#GETITRIGHT” I thought to myself “Well that one will be stupid.” It’s actually one of my favorites. I think it’s all about sex (actually it’s pretty clear that’s its intent), but it is the best chance the album has at a dance club jam. “Drive” was a song that had a good beat, but confusing lyrics. Something about “dropping the keys off in the morning.” Whatever.

By far the most cleaver song on “Bangerz” is “FU.” It’s exactly what it sounds like, but it starts off as a Gaga-styled epic opera and turns into an Adele-like kiss-off. Pretty legit.

The track “Do My Thang” was over-done with Miley rapping. She has the pipes, so when she tries to rap it disappoints. Miles, your “thang” is using those surprisingly impressive vocals. Don’t lose site of your talents. Another sure-to-be single is called “Maybe You’re Right.” Could it be about Liam? I don’t care. It’s the type of song Miley should be singing, though. The song “Someone Else” could use less bass, but is decent. “Rooting for My Baby” is a slower song that again hits right where Miley should be. It’s got soul, it’s catchy, and has no rapping. “On My Own” is a girl-power song, but she pulls it off well. This one shows how much grit Miley can actually put into a song, which shows the potential she has to be a great pop star if she keeps working at it. Lastly there’s “Hands in the Air.” It’s got a good beat and could be a club song, but when Ludacris comes in it is ruined.

Verdict? I think Miley made the record she wanted to and it shows great potential. I like her. She’s got guts and that’s exactly what a she needs to have to compete with the top pop dogs. She’s well on her way and so what if it comes with a little twerking? If she keeps putting out legitimate music, I’ll continue to respect her as an artist. It’s as simple as that. And as Miley says, she’s coming in like a wrecking ball. “Bangerz” will hit you hard, but you’ll be surprised at how good it feels to be bad with Miley. All hale the evil genius.


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