10 Pleasantly Surprising Things About “Midnight Memories”

I would first like to start the post off with a little reminder. As we move closer into award season everyone should be wary of how award shows are conducted and what constitutes a specific nomination. This means award shows like last night’s American Music Awards are for fun. It’s fun for fans and to honor the acts they like. The AMAs are special too because the three nominees are based on radio play and Billboard rankings. However, let’s be wary of the stupid voters. These are the little girls that vote Taylor Swift as Entertainer of the Year instead of Justin Timberlake because, like good old Taylor, they haven’t grown up yet and don’t understand good music. Always be wary of the fan-voted show. Also, let’s keep in mind that it is VERY early in the award season run. Lots could still happen. Many movies have yet to come out. Sandra Bullock (as much as I love her) probably won’t win the Oscar for “Gravity.” I’ve seen it, and it’s unique and smart, but I don’t think breathing heavily for 90 minutes garners an Academy Award. There are many performances left to see. Let’s not jump to conclusions. “American Hustle” hasn’t even come out yet and “The Wolf of Wall Street” was pushed back. There is plenty of time to freak out later. Now that I’ve spoken my concerns let’s get to the good stuff. One Direction’s third studio album “Midnight Memories” is out today (officially. I know everyone listened to the leak.) and as always, the boys have pleasantly surprised. Want a list? Ok, me too!

10. Midnight Memories
When the album title was first announced I thought it was a little baby-ish, like we were reverting back to the ridiculousness of “Up All Night.” I mean the sophomore “Take Me Home” has some pretty heavy implications in the title, so by comparison “Midnight Memories” sounds week. However, don’t be fooled. It’s definitely their best work.

9. Too much too fast
I also believed that three albums in three years was the label and Simon’s way of saying “Hey, they’re a boy band. They aren’t going to last long. Let’s squeeze everything out of them while there’s still time.” I know they won’t be around forever, so I guess we need to be thanking Simon, but as I said, this album impresses.

8. Story of My Life
The lead single is actually really deep and really more band-like than boy band-like.

7. Rock N’ Roll
In fact, the whole album is a lot more of a rock album all around. I, of course, appreciate this very much. Now we’re on to something boys! Most of the tunes like “You & I”, “Don’t Forget Where You Belong”, and “Through the Dark” have a nice acoustic touch, some even sounding a little Mumfords-like. Other tracks like “Happily”, “Best Song Ever”, “Better Than Words”, and “Little White Lies” take on pop/rock and succeed at it.

6. Cheeky.
Can we talk about all of the sexual undertones? Cheeky bastards. If you’re rocking the deluxe version of the album you’ll find a little song called “Alive” that’s pretty great.

Shit is “Shhhhhh,” but we were so close! Maybe on the next album we’ll get some potty mouth?

4. “5 foot something with the skinny jeans.”
I just really like this line from “Midnight Memories.” I’m 5 foot something and can usually be found wearing skinny jeans. Must be about me, right?

3. Is this the 80s?
Several of the tracks sound like we are once again in the 80s and it is fabulous. At some points you will wonder if you’re listening to a One Direction album, or if it’s simply Van Halen’s “1984.”

2.”Little Black Dress”
The best song. Ever. Words can’t explain the awesomeness. Go listen. Right now.

1. Niall
Always the highlight of everything 1D, Horan solos in basically every song are beautiful and perfect and he is finally getting the play he deserves.


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