Why the Golden Globes Totally Got It Right

This Christmas season brings one hell of a new list of nominations for the Golden Globes. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association for actually getting something right. As much as I love the Academy Awards, and yes those are the only awards that really matter, they often get nominations and even winners wrong because they are so snobby. For example, Ben Affleck not getting even a nomination last year for Best Director, B. Coops not winning for “Silver Linings Playbook” (Doesn’t Daniel Day Lewis have enough Oscars?), and the fact that “Bridesmaids” lost for Best Original Screenplay (ugh Woody Allen). And don’t even get me started on how DiCaprio never got a nom for “The Departed.” The Golden Globes are the award show that don’t take it too seriously, which can be annoying, but this year is a nice breath of fresh air. Here’s my list of the nominations that the Globes totally got right this year:

Matt and Michael-
Thank you HFPA for nominating both Matt Damon and Michael Douglas for “Behind the Candelabra.” That movie is incredible and it’s because both Matt and Michael work as a team. Douglas will win though because, well he’s playing one of the most famous characters in real life of all time.

As dumb as he may see sometimes, Matthew McConaughey is actually an incredible actor. I haven’t seen “Dallas Buyers Club” yet, but a man that can loose that much weight and completely transform themselves for one role should be honored. Forget all the stupid movies he’s made with Kate Hudson in the past. He’s one to look out for this awards season.

PRAISE THE LORD THEY ACTUALLY REMEMBERED DICAPRIO THIS SEASON! “The Wolf of Wall Street” is going to be brilliant! I can hardly wait to see (Also I love Jonah Hill. Have I mentioned that lately?).

The Best Actor in a TV Comedy category-
Now that “30 Rock” is officially done and Alec Baldwin can’t win anymore, this category can actually open up. I mean, let’s talk about Andy Samberg! “Brooklyn 99” is kind of a crazy awesome show. Have you seen it? It’s hilarious. Bateman is rocking the “Arrested Development” nom and even Michael J. Fox was able to make a comeback. Now if we can just get John Mulaney’s show on the air so he can get in this mix next year!

James Spader-
Yeah, he’s the reason “The Office” got the axe, but man is he awesome.

MERYL IS BACK! MERYL IS BACK! And with Julia Roberts no less!

Parks and Rec-
“Parks and Recreation” is the funniest network TV show and it needs to win. And so does Amy Poehler.

Animated Film category-
I was really excited because I’ve actually seen one of the nominees!

Best Motion Picture Musical, or Comedy
“American Hustle” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” I’m pretty sure Best Picture at the Oscars will come down to these two. I haven’t seen them yet (I will once they come out), but I’m hopping David O. Russell gets the recognition he deserves since “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook” couldn’t cut it for the Academy. In fact, let’s watch O. Russell in the Best Director and Best Screenplay categories too.

Best Supporting Actor/Actress
Jennifer and Bradley. I repeat, Jennifer and Bradley. I’m calling it now, J-Law is getting a second Oscar for “American Hustle.” That’s probably the first time in Academy history that will happen, right? And to be honest the other nominees can’t really compare to Lawrence. And B. Coops deserves to get a little revenge for loosing everything to Daniel Day Lewis last year. Plus, I want to see pictures of the two of them holding up all there awards together. Best ship in the world.


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