“American Hustle” review

You’ve probably heard by now that David O. Russell’s newest film “American Hustle” is brilliant. I could use this blog to tell you all of the reasons why, but it wouldn’t really make a difference. The plot is complicated to explain without giving the entire storyline away. The cast consists of some of the brightest and most talented actors around right now. I don’t need to tell you all of their performances are perfect and award-worthy. You already knew that they would be.

I could go on and on about Jennifer Lawrence’s mesmerizing performance as Christian Bale’s insane wife. She’s barely in the movie, like Anne Hathaway in “Les Mis,” but she steals the whole show. Besides J-Law’s Oscar-worthy performance, “American Hustle” is also full of warmly funny moments, which is often surprising with a story that has such an intense plot. I could tell you all about the funny, intricately made “American Hustle,” but I’d rather you just go see it for yourself. It’s worth every penny.

What I will spend my time telling you about is what will surprise you the most about “American Hustle.” And that thing is Bradley Cooper. As you may know, I’m a B. Coops enthusiast, but that’s not why I’m saying this. His character Richie is nothing like what you expect and in the end (not to give too much away) his story ends exactly the way you would never see coming. Richie, a cocky FBI agent, enlists the help of Christian Bale’s Irving and Amy Adams’ Sydney to help him set up an elaborate con to capture corrupt political leaders. After hanging around Irving and Sydney doing small con deals, Richie begins to think he’s as tricky and clever as the 70s’ best con artists. What ensues is a hilarious but truthful character development that makes B. Coop’s Richie the best part of the whole film. There were points where he was crazy, parts where he was downright annoying and yet for some reason I came out of the theater only thinking about him and how his character’s fate was so not what I was expecting.

Bradley was robbed last year at the Academy Awards because one of the most beloved actors of all time decided to play the most beloved U.S. president of all time. Maybe this year we will get to see him be avenged and receive that Oscar gold that he’s now proved he most certainly deserves. Don’t believe me? Please do us both a favor and go see “American Hustle.”


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