Grammys: Who Should Win/Who Will Win

Let’s not forget that in the midst of all this incredible Oscar buzz (still processing, I’ll write something about nominations next week) we have another important awards show on Sunday. The Grammys are the Oscars of music.

Most of the time, however, I get really mad at the Grammys. I’m guessing that’s because last year they didn’t even show the rock categories on TV (but instead made us sit through hours or stupid performances) and now this year they have nominated Macklemore for literally everything and it makes me sick. I mean, the Rock Hall has been smarter than the Grammys the last couple of years. What is happening? Anyways, here’s who I think should win and will win my favorite categories on music’s biggest night:

Record of the Year:
Should Win- “Radioactive,” Imagine Dragons. I love them. Innovative guys that don’t make the radio suck.
Will Win- “Get Lucky,” Daft Punk. Why do people keep saying this song is THE SONG. I like it and all, but it’s not that great…

Album of the Year:
The single most important award of the night. Here’s the problem: Two of the albums nominated are second rate rap aka Macklemore and then some Taylor Swift. It’s arguably the worst category and it’s really the only award that stays synonymous with your name after you’ve won it. My vote would be for Just Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience” but guess what! It wasn’t even nominated! It pains me to say it, but what is the point then of the Album of the Year category this year?

Song of the Year:
Should Win- Blah! This one pretty much sucks too, and I never understand the difference between song and record of the year. I would like to see Lorde win for “Royals.”
Will Win- Macklemore’s annoying “Same Love” song. We get it dude. You support gay rights. We all do. This is 2014.

Best New Artist:
Should Win- I’m going to go with Kendrick Lamar on this one. I’m not that into him but Eminem likes him, so I guess I’m ok with him.
Will Win- Probably Macklemore. Can someone explain something to me? How would it feel to be Ryan Lewis? I mean, he looks like a real sweetheart, but how can he stand to be Macklemore’s sidekick? It’s awkward, is it not?

Best Pop Solo Performance:
Should Win- J.T. for “Mirrors” all the way.
Will Win- Oh thank God for J.T.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance:
Should Win- “Stay” by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko. I really enjoy this song actually.
Will Win- Probably “Get Lucky.” Again, ok song, but let’s stop treating it like it’s “Stairway to Heaven” shall we?

Best Pop Vocal Album:
Should Win- J.T. for “20/20” since he was forgotten in album of the year.
Will Win- Anyone but Lana Del Rey, please!

Best Rock Performance:
Should Win- Here’s another question; Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” is nominated in this category. How? Anyways, I’d love to see that win, or Alabama Shakes “Always Alright.”
Will Win- Something ridiculous like David Bowie (I might never know what I think of him…).

Best Rock Song:
Should Win- The Stones’ “Doom and Gloom” thank you very much!
Will Win- Possibly “Cut Me Some Slack?” I’d be good with that since Dave Grohl is involved.

Best Rock Album:
Should Win: I seriously can’t believe that “Celebration Day” is allowed to be nominated but whatever! I’ll take it!
Will Win- Bowie, although Neil Young would be cool.

Best Rap Performance:
Should Win- MARSHALL IS NOMINATED I VOTE “BERZERK.” Even though it is hardly close to the other perfect things he’s written.
Will Win- I honestly think it should be Drake, but it’s probably going to be Kendrick Lamar. Just as long as it’s not Macklemore…

Best Rap Song:
Should Win: Drake please.
Will Win: If it’s “Thrift Shop” I might cry.

Best Rap Album:
Should Win- “Nothing Was The Same” or “Yeezus.”
Will Win- I don’t even want to type it out…

Best Compilation Soundtrack:
Should Win- “The Great Gatsby” or “Django” obviously. #teamLeo
Will Win- Probably “Les Mis.”

That’s pretty much it for me! If you want to check out the really long list of categories and nominees you can do that on the Grammys’ official websiteย ย here.


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