10 Reasons Why Ron Totally Deserved Hermione

I owe a lot to J.K. Rowling. I mean, she’s responsible for most of the best memories from my childhood. She’s one of the reasons I wanted to become a writer. Her strong-willed characters and ideas of love conquering all are inspiring. With that being said, J.K. Rowling is wrong.

She is wrong to have come out and said that she should have never written Ron and Hermione’s love story in the “Harry Potter” series. Now there are lots of Hermione lovers out there that are saying she didn’t need a man in the first place, which is fine, but I believe that Ron totally deserved the girl in the end. People who know me know that Ron Weasley is pretty much the only reason I ever continued reading HP after the fourth grade. He deserved the girl. Here’s why:

10. Because they’re cute together!- Ok, it’s not a reason rooted in much fact, but I always loved the fact that Ron and Hermione argued constantly and were complete opposites in every way. How could you have not thought they were cute together?!

9. Because Ron never got anything- Harry was the Chosen One, Hermione was a genius, Charlie took care of dragons, Bill married Fleur, Fred and George were successful business owners, and Ginny was the family favorite AND got Harry in the end. What did Ron ever get? He was only ever seen as Harry’s ginger sidekick! The one thing he definitely deserved was a girlfriend!

8. He’s adorable- Whether he’s wearing one of his mother’s homemade sweaters or puking up slugs (yes.), he’s only like the most adorable thing ever!

7. He was the reason they all became friends- Ok, ok. I know that technically Ron was a jerk to Hermione when they all first met and she was sad and crying in the bathroom because of what Ron said about her and that’s why they had to save her from the troll. Give him a break! He was only 11! Plus we all know that little boys pick on the little girls they secretly have crushes on (see reasons #10 and #8 again).

6. Because Hermione helped him grow up- Ron could be a little immature at times, but Hermione always kept him in check. They helped each other grow as characters throughout the whole series.

5. Ron is actually the most complex character- The holcrox saw it in the woods that deep down inside Ron has a lot he’s dealing with. I hate when people say that he’s a simple character because he is far from it. He’s a deep thinker even if he isn’t outright about it like Harry and Hermione.

4. He saved Harry’s ass- Can we just take a second to remember that Ron has saved Harry’s ass several times throughout the series?! Let’s see, there was that time he sacrificed himself in the chess game, the time he let a werewolf drag him across Hogwarts (which broke his leg might I remind you), and oh yeah that time he saved Harry from drowning in the forest. If he hadn’t saved Harry from that cold water Harry would have died and then there would have been no hope for destroying Voldemort! So basically he is the best friend a guy could ask for, so wouldn’t you think he would make the best boyfriend/husband/father too?

3. Harry kind of sucks- Let’s face it, the only reason I kept reading “Harry Potter” and went to see all of the movies was because of Ron. He’s clearly the best character! Harry may be the Chosen One, but he is whiny and selfish. Not to mention he goes for Ron’s sister! He puts Ron and Hermione in so much danger and sometimes he doesn’t even say thank you for it. Harry is lucky to have a friend like Ron. And the thought of Harry and Hermione together kind of makes me sick. They’re too much alike. Plus, Harry friend-zoned Hermione several times in the series, which is just rude. Harry is the worst.

2. Hermione understands him- The only important part about their romance really was the fact that Ron could be a total dude (aka not showing his feelings, getting crabby and jealous, and being oblivious to things) and Hermione always understood where he was coming from. She got pissed at him for like a whole book (What up ‘Half-Blood Prince’), but she always knew that he didn’t really mean to hurt her. She knew that sometimes he could be a real idiot, but deep down inside he could also be a hero (and she knew that he was way cooler and way more adorable then Harry).

1. He’s freaking hilarious- Hey guys out there, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Girls may say that they want a guy like Harry– someone who is the Chosen One and can be the hero– but in reality that’s total bullshit. We just want a guy that can make us laugh. I’m convinced that the only reason I stayed sane during my HP reading days was Ron’s one-liners. He’s so good at saying the hilariously wrong thing at the perfect time. He’s a giant dork, but Hermione knew that no matter what she would be safe with him. Girls want a guy that they can be themselves around, someone who won’t judge them for saying and doing dumb things and being complete dorks themselves. That’s why Ron is like the perfect man. He’s just a lovable hilarious idiot. And that’s why he was deserving of Hermione’s love. There. Now the Internet can shut up.


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