A love letter to ‘Saturday Night Live’

Want to know one of my deep dark secrets? Kidding. This is really no secret, but I really love comedy. And I don’t mean like crappy Kate Hudson movies or anything by those idiots on MTV type of comedy. I’m talking about comedy in it’s originally intended form.

For example, my favorite TV show is “Saturday Night Live.” Of course, SNL is more than just a show to me. I’m not trying to sound corny here, I’m just saying that SNL has gotten me through a lot of lonely Saturday nights.

Most girls have horrible high school experiences. Mine usually involved sitting at home on Saturday nights while the friends I did have were having fun with their significant others or working. Please don’t feel sorry for me, though. High school is long over and I am a much happier person now. I have a wonderful group of friends now. College and, in a lot of ways, writing have helped me grown into an adult. I no longer care about those lonely Saturday nights. However, when I do look back at them I am reminded of how I fell in love with SNL. Some people drink to feel better, some do crafts, some bake, and some go shopping. I watch “Saturday Night Live.”

SNL has been keeping the idea alive since 1975 that comedy is meant to be topical and make fun of the strange world we live in. A lot of people, and I mean a lot, say that “SNL just isn’t funny anymore.” I’ll admit it’s not a show for everyone. Not everyone likes sketch comedy. Also, not everyone likes Kevin Hart (me) and not everyone thinks the TV show “Girls” is funny or true to life at all (me). But they must be doing something right because next year will be the 40th anniversary season.

You have to have a certain comedy taste to like “Saturday Night Live” I guess. And I must have it. Watching SNL makes me happy and can help me feel better about the stresses that I’ve been suffering through all week long.

Along with making me smile it also gives me a type of hope. There might really be a job out there that specializes in making people laugh. Giving people happiness for a short period of time. I’m not saying that “Hey guys, I’m so awesome I think I could be a writer at ‘Saturday Night Live.'” No, I’m not saying that at all. I am saying that the writers, cast, and Lorne Michaels make me think that maybe I could use writing and being sassy and slightly funny to make a living and make people happy, at least for a small moment in time.

If I could start listing “dream jobs” the list would start with major entertainment magazines like Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. I also really want to try my hand at working with social media. I personally cannot stand when people don’t understand how to use social media (Braden, my darling little brother, I’m talking to you). I would love to help a company figure it out. It’s a good list of dream jobs, but recently with so many changes in NBC’s late night comedy world, I find myself wondering if I could use my sense of humor to make a living and make people happy.

So, maybe after all of these years of worshiping SNL and appreciating what the show has done for me, I want to give something back to comedy. I’d be a dirty liar if I said that “Saturday Night Live” wasn’t on the dream job list. Of course, my parents would probably disagree and absolutely freak out on me if they thought I was saying I wanted to become a “comedian.”

I’m not saying I want that either. After all, I’ve come to learn that the dream job can sometimes not be what you expected it to be. Sometimes we find new dreams. What I do know is that SNL saved my life in high school and it’s now helping me see that no matter where I end up after graduation I want to do something where I can bring people joy. If it’s journalism; awesome. If it’s social media; great. If it’s communications; I’m down. If it’s comedy; I’m always up for a challenge.

I guess what I’m trying to say is my favorite TV show is helping me see that I have many different career path options. Finding a job for the summer is terrifying, let alone finding an actual real person job next year after I graduate. At least I know that whatever happens to me and wherever I end up making my career I know I will always have “Saturday Night Live” to make me smile.


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