Network comedy shakeup: Upfronts are bringing the good news this week

I watch more TV than anyone else I know. Correction: I don’t care about all that “Game of Thrones” or “Girls” crap. I just like comedy.

Imagine how sad I was when NBC announced that next year will be the final season of “Parks and Recreation?” I’m devastated and impressed. I’ll miss the Amy Poehler led gang of misfits, but they are ending the show at the perfect time. It’s set up right now so that they can tie up all of the loose ends. It won’t drag on and suck like “The Office” did towards the end. It won’t take place all in one weekend (or at least I really hope not) like “How I Met Your Mother” did (and we all know how I felt about that).

With “Parks and Rec” ending, NBC has put themselves in a really weird place. They are getting rid of the Thursday night comedy lineup all together; a comedy lineup that has been in place since the era of “Cheers,” “Friends,” and “Fraiser.” Sadness. But do you know why this happened? Because I do, and it’s not some new marketing ploy. I love NBC so much (it’s my favorite network, obviously), but they really messed things up this year.

Even though they brought both Fallon and Sethy to their rightful spots in American late-night comedy, NBC couldn’t choose a sitcom to, well, save their comedy lineup. At the begging of the year they passed over an excellent sitcom pilot for things like “Sean Saves the World,” and “The Michael J. Fox Show.” Guess what? Both of those shows were canned by Christmas time.

What was that sitcom pilot that NBC FOOLISHLY passed over? My favorite comedian John Mulaney’s autobiographical, Seinfeld-ish sitcom “Mulaney.” First of all, it’s John Mulaney. Have you seen his stand-up? He is the funniest human that ever lived. But I’m biased. Because I’m kind of in love with him.

However, he is very good and I think his show will be the sitcom that we have been missing on television for years. Since NBC stupidly passed up this gem, FOX picked it up. FOX is kind of a weird place to have a sitcom with a laugh track, but whatever. I’m dealing with it.

FOX has interestingly enough taken their hit “Brooklyn 99” and their future hit “Mulaney” and stuck them in the middle of all the weird animation shows. But again, whatever. Mulaney finally has his show and I will finally have a show to watch on Sunday nights. Hurray!

I was reading some comments from Internet trolls earlier (never a good idea) and some people were expressing disgust over the fact that the “Mulaney” trailer was dumb and cheesy. First of all, that is what all trailers look like. It’s trying to tell you enough about the plot, which in reality tells you literally nothing about the show.

I ask that everyone just calm down. The trailer doesn’t do anything. It’s supposed to make you want to watch the show, whether you have high hopes like me or low hopes like the dumb asses of the Internet.

I’ll leave you with a list of promising things I noticed about the trailer. Here ya go:

1. Martin Short was on point with comedic timing and adorable chemistry with Mulaney.
2. Seaton Smith actually seemed really funny and sweet. I had never heard of him before so I was a little worried, but he seemed to have a cool vibe about him. I like those kind of vibes.
3. It included some of Mulaney’s actual stand-up. I’m excited to see how they use the stand-up segments.
4. All of the sets look really cool and “Friends”-like. Meaning, they look really unrealistic and I’m fine with it.
5. It’s in New York. The best sitcoms take place in NYC.
6. Nasim Pedrad is great at characters for SNL, but I was really impressed by the bit of acting I saw in the trailer.
7. Mulaney’s outfits all show off his adorableness.
8. I think I could watch anything with Elliot Gould in it. Especially if he’s going to be acting like he did as Ross and Monica’s dad.
9. I mean HELLO, it’s produced by Lorne Michaels. I think that shows promise people.


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