TV vs. Real Life: 10 things I wish I knew in high school

I recently read an article that talked about things you wished the present day you could go back and tell your high school self about prom. It was meant to be funny but truthful and it got me thinking. There are SO many things present day Steph wishes she could go back and tell high school Steph. One of the most important things I’d tell her is that sometimes real life doesn’t work out like it does on TV.

I watch a lot of television (it’s in the name of this blog isn’t it?). Back in high school I think I had this perfect vision of how my life in college should work out and it clearly doesn’t work like that. Am I saying TV lied to me? Sure, sometimes TV lies, but it has also been good to me in other ways. TV has taught me how to laugh, but also how to accept real life.

So, in blog fashion, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things specifically about the end of the year/beginning of summer that are portrayed on TV much differently than how they play out in real life. Here we go:

10. Summer does not mean going to the beach everyday.
On TV young people go to the beach everyday and drink during the summer. In real life we get internships and jobs because young college people are poor and need money!

9. Summer does not always mean shorts and tank tops.
Is it just me or has it been way too cold lately in the Midwest to consider it summertime?

8. Coming home for the summer from college is fun.
In my experiences, coming home to Minnesota after I’ve been living in Des Moines all year kind of sucks. One, Des Moines is cooler than my hometown and I miss it. Two, I hate running into people in my hometown from my high school life. Three, I love my parents but as I get older the more time I spend in the same house as them, the more I want to kill them. And four, I miss my college friends because they are like my family now.

7. Graduating is just a thing you do.
Graduation means a lot of things, but to me it always signifies moving on. Graduating from high school was the best thing of my life. Graduating from college next year means a whole different thing though. That signifies my arrival into true adulthood and that means I better have found a job.

6. Friends are not always friends.
The friends you have in high school are almost never the friends you end up with in your present life. I talk to maybe 4-ish people from high school. My college friends are my true friends. Let’s put it this way: My college friends live with me, and have seen me cry over English papers and magazine project before. They buy me ice cream when I’m sad and I buy them alcohol in return from their kindness. On TV everyone has the same friends for life. In real life you realize you actually get to choose who stays in your life.

5. Not everyone has boyfriends.
On TV every character has another character they are either dating, or have so much sexual tension with that trolls of the Internet dedicate Tumblrs to their would be relationship. In real life I actually know quite a few people who don’t have boyfriends and they are surprisingly OK with it. In high school I was the only female I knew that didn’t have a boyfriend and actually kind of liked being single. In real life, college people understand that it is OK to be single because you don’t always live across the hall from a guy that your friends “ship” you with. There are other ways to meet a mate.

4. Guys don’t talk to girls in bars (sometimes).
Why is it that on TV guys always approach women at bars and ask for a date or ask for their number? Am I the only human that has never seen that happen in real life? Is it because people would rather hide behind the computer screen and try to meet girls over the Internet? Because I don’t want to do that. I like real life encounters.

3. About prom…
Here’s a mini list inside a list!
1. Prom is not your wedding. Calm yourself.
2. Wear comfy shoes. No high schooler has mastered the art of heels yet.
3. You don’t need a date. It’s cool to go with friends too.
4. You will not be riding in a limo because that’s stupid.
5. You’re parents will not pay for things like limos and hotel after parties.
6. People are not too hipster for prom. I definitely was and I still went to my prom.
7. Prom decorations kind of suck in real life (because it’s not your wedding).
8. No one spikes the punch bowl because there is never any punch (why is punch still a thing?!).
9. In my experience, people don’t come drunk to prom or leave early to go do bad things. Teachers are far too smart for that shit.
10. Stop taking that stupid picture where your date holds you from the back. WHY is that a thing?!

2. There is homework to do.
It always drives me crazy when young people on TV never have homework to do, paperwork to fill out, or tax forms to file. Even though I’m technically done with school for the summer now I have a million things I have to worry about doing. Why don’t TV characters ever worry about real life problems?

1. The apartment.
Apartments are never as cool as they are on TV. Roommates can also kind of suck sometimes. We can’t all be Chandler and Joey all the time. Something else they don’t show you on TV? Who does the cleaning and taking out of the garbage?! That is real life people!


One thought on “TV vs. Real Life: 10 things I wish I knew in high school

  1. Hometown in Iowa!
    I’m entering high school next year, so let’s see what potential I can unearth.
    I may not be the tidiest person, but I have a thing for doing housework……

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