Why I Love Adam Sandler

The title of this blog is probably confusing you for a number of reasons. I say this because when I googled “Adam Sandler” I found several articles on his new movie “Blended” that called him an “idiot.”

Let me tell you one of my secrets: I love Adam Sandler. Normally, I don’t appreciate potty humor or characters with anger problems, but with Sandler I choose to overlook it. Why? Because even though Sandler has made some really awful movies in his time, they all have their good qualities. Plus he’s adorable.

Why do I overlook the dumb jokes and cheesy story lines? Easy. Sandler and his movie maker friends are really good at making you smile. Sometimes you smile at the ridiculous plot of the movie, other times you smile at the beautiful hidden moral that comes at the end.

“Blended” is a good example of the whole feel good ending thing. Without giving too much away, the goofy jokes were complimented well with an emotional plot that really tugged at the heartstrings. When given a somewhat decent script, Sandler is really good at playing a good guy. In “Blended” he’s not his usual ladies man or idiotic goofball with a weird personality quirk. He’s a single dad who hasn’t been on a date in 20 years and is scared to date Drew Barrymore because he still misses his wife who died of cancer.

Sandler works as an actor because yes, he is somewhat funny, but he’s also a real guy. He’s adorable, but he’s no Channing Tatum. He’s funny in a way that doesn’t feel artificial or too scripted. That probably goes back to his SNL days during a time at the show where they could throw anything on live television to see if it worked.

Besides being easy to relate to, Sandler is also a lot like the sweet characters he plays. In real life he’s married and has two daughters. How cute is that? Even when he’s playing the horrible ladies man he somehow always ends the movie as a guy who grew up (after finding love with his various Hollywood leading ladies).

I know that when you think of Sandler you often cringe when movies like “Jack and Jill,” or “That’s My Boy” come to mind. Don’t worry, I cringe too. I’ve read several articles this week leading up to the release of “Blended” that mentioned Sandler losing touch with his original movie magic like “Billy Madison” and “Happy Gilmore.” Critics complain that all he does is dumb kids movies now. Others complained that Sandler’s movies feature too many masturbation jokes to actually show to kids at the same maturity level as himself.

I say none of this matters. I respect an entertainer that stars, writes, and produces the projects they work on. And believe me, I don’t think Sandler gives a shit what critics think of his movies. They are not “12 Years a Slave” and he doesn’t want them to be.

Sandler wants you to go to the movies and stop being so serious. Laugh at something completely silly. Embrace the silly and outright unrealistic. He recruits big time leading ladies like Jennifer Aniston and Barrymore because they sometimes want to be silly too. It’s OK. I for one love unwinding with a goofy Sandler movie. And we all know what kind of harsh critic I am.

I encourage everyone to give Sandler a chance. Every time I watch “Click” and bawl (because I bawl every damn time) I wonder how some people are incapable of loving him. Forget the stupid duds of movies. After all, every actor is allowed their fare share of “Gigli” duds. Know that Sandler puts a lot of heart behind every poop joke and Rob Schneider appearance.


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Adam Sandler

  1. I love Adam Sandler too! Billy Madison is my favorite of his films. I think people need to understand he’s not that kid from SNL any more and him making family films like Blended is perfect.

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