The most important scene in comedy history (sort of)

Here’s one of my favorite scenes in comedy history. No, it’s not technically considered famous. It wasn’t written or direction by Mel Brooks (but it was written and direction by Judd Apatow). It doesn’t have any great one liners and everyone is basically playing themselves so there’s no real character development.

Never mind all that, though. This is two of my favorite people in the entire world in one frame. Talking to each other. Being funny. Breathing the same air.

Adam Sandler and Marshall Mathers are the two men in the business that always put a smile on my face. People might not know this, but Eminem is actually really funny and I love when he and someone like Sandler make fun of themselves and the rest of the ridiculous world that is Hollywood.

If you haven’t seen Apatow’s “Funny People” allow me to give you a quick summary: Sandler is a famous stand-up/actor. He meets Seth Rogen’s character and hires him as an assistant. He finds out he has cancer, but refuses to tell anyone but his new assistant. Then he finds out he has miraculously beaten the cancer by being on some fancy experimental drug. Then Sandler spends the rest of the movie chasing after his now married ex-fiance (Played of course by Apatow’s annoying wife Leslie Mann because apparently Judd thinks his wife is God’s gift to the world and has to cast her in every wanted woman role in the films he writes/directs. I could go on and on…).

The whole movie is what happens when Judd writes. A very long, sort of funny sometimes, movie that ends with his wife showing her boobs. But it is all worth it for this one scene. A scene where Eminem and Adam Sandler explain the craziness that is their lives as famous people makes my heart break and makes a huge social statement.

People wonder all of the time why I like comedy and Seth Rogen movies so much and this is why. It’s silly, but sometimes drives home an important point. But mostly because Adam and Marshy are adorable together. THE END.



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