5 Seconds of Summer: New Album, Old Thing

A very long time ago in a place called Jr. High School a young, naive girl dabbled in a lot of weird things. Those things included , but were not limited to, emo punk bands.

Ah yes, those were the days. Guys in eyeliner (excuse me, guyliner) were so hot. Everyone said their favorite band was Fall Out Boy even though it wasn’t because no one ever knew what they were saying. It was a time to pretend you knew what it felt like to be a little emotional and a little ignored.

Of course, I, like most of us, had a change in music taste. I realized I was such a poser for thinking I was some emo band worshiper. I did what we all do; grow up. And a lot of those bands grew up, too. Most of them are still around, but their fan base is now new jr. high girls or people that still nostalgically listen to them. I know, I know. There are plenty of people that still listen to those types of bands. I’m just one of those people that decided I’d broaden my horizons, but I do, on occasion, still listen to my old All-American Rejects albums.

I had honestly kind of forgotten about the old days. I’m so used to avoiding hipster bros with long beards and tiny guitars music now a days that I basically only listen to the Rolling Stones page on Spotify. We all know I have my issues with modern day music, so forgive me when I say that most new stuff I hate at first. Then I listen more over time and really decide if I can stand it or still hate it.

At first I hated the idea of 5 Seconds of Summer. I thought to myself “Wow those dudes are really living in the past! This is not the early 2000s!” I watched and listened and still didn’t really care. I liked their pretty British counterparts more anyway (it’s been a while since a good 1D reference!)

The real reason I was unwelcoming to 5SOS in my world at first was because I did not want to revert to my emo punk days. That is long behind me. But eventually I got it. Let’s get one thing straight; little girls only like them because One Direction tells them too. People my age (i.e.-people who are probably too old to be listening to them but do anyway) like them because of the music.

I’ll admit, they’re not The Beatles or anything like that, but there is something to be said about guys who are barely out of high school that can write their own songs AND play their own instruments. That is something I can respect. Plus, their array of band T-shirts is the best thing ever. I want to share clothes with them.

Anyways, today I sat down with an open mind and open heart and listened to their self-title debut (it came out today if you haven’t been paying attention to like anything on social media the past few weeks). I then wrote down my stream of consciousness while I listened to share with all of you. Why? Because I hate to admit when I like something so cliche, so it’s better to capture me in the moment.

Here we go! (This is legit everything I wrote down)

-Half of the album was basically already released.


-Old Blink (what they’re going for I guess).

-It is 2004 right now.

-Am I too old for this?

-Everyone under 30 must be required to have a # song (i.e.- “18”)

-Lots of “woahs” and “ohs…”

-So. Many. Ohs.

-Totally thought “Beside You” was “Inside You.” Relief.

“Inside You” “Beside You” is good!

-Do they all sing? Confused…


-Ohhhhh this is dirty?

-Did they just use “fit?”

-“Long Way Home” starts out JUST like Blink’s “Miss You.”

-But it is not.

-Everything is dirty, yes?

-We can all agree “Heartbreak Girl” is the most emo thing to ever happen, right?

-Wait! American accents are cool?

-“Amnesia” is beautiful. And emo.

-This reminds me so much of jr. high.

-Violins! Things are so emotional right now!

-This is the point where I start thinking of haling ass to Target to buy this thing. Damnnnnnn.

-“Social Casualty” is so jr. high me’s spirit animal.

-“Vodoo Doll” is creepy.


-“Don’t Stop” is very demanding. I feel uncomfortable, but in a good way.

-It’s over. THAT WAS WAY TO FAST!!!


If 5 Seconds of Summer had been around when I was in jr. high there is no doubt in my mind they would have been my favorite band. So, here’s to 13-year-old me. May she rest in peace and be a 5SOS fangirl in secret.


Must go listen again…



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