Foreigner and Styx Concert @ Iowa State Fair

I’m an old soul, I know. I like rock. The kind of music that my mom listened to when she was in high school. It just makes more sense to me. There’s nothing better than music with guys playing instruments, singing along to the songs they have written for themselves. I could do without another Calvin Harris song. I can’t live without my bands.

Last night I got another amazing opportunity to see two of the very best bands that I love so much. I went to the Iowa State Fair where I got to see Foreigner and Styx perform, on the last night of their summer tour, too! I could ramble on about how amazing they both were, how I felt lucky enough to have dragged my poor friends with me, how they played like it was still 1978, or the fact that they sounded pretty close to the recordings. I’ll spare all those details and just share some of the videos I took because, something Rihanna will never understand, the music should just speak for itself.

You can check out the videos on my Instagram feed to see for yourself. We were a little far away from the stage, but you can totally see all the energy the crowd has, especially all the middle-aged women!

photo Foreigner performing last night at the Iowa State Fair.


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