Thoughts on the 2014 Emmys

I was going to do my regular who should win/will win blog about the Emmys but as I’ve previously talked about, the Emmys are always a huge disappointment to me. Mainly because I’ve never even seen half of the shows because they are on networks I don’t have access to.

So, in keeping with that theme, I decided to give you my internal monologue of what I was thinking as I went through the list of nominees on the Emmy website:

-Why does Claire Danes always look so angry? I could start watching “Homeland” on like Netflix, but I’m terrified of her!

-Ha Kerry Washington has no chance in winning against Robin Wright because, well, she’s Robin Wright.

-Whether he deserves it or not (probably but I’m not caught up with my “Breaking Bad” yet oops) Bryan Cranston is getting actor in a drama because it’s “Breaking Bad’s” last year. I don’t think McConaughey or Woody can take it from him. Although it would be killer if McConaughey got an Emmy and an Oscar in the same year.

-Lolz Jeff Daniels

-Woody Harrelson will always just be Woody from “Cheers” to me.

-Who doesn’t love Maggie Smith? She should win. And I’ve never seen “Downtown Abby” (I know it’s not right, I’m making a joke)!


-Just when you forget about Jon Voight or think Angelina has locked him in a closet somewhere he just pops up again! I’ve never heard of the show he’s nominated for either. Sounds about right.

-Jane Fonda was on “The Newsroom?” Who knew! Isn’t that show getting canceled?

-Paul Giamatti guest stared on “Dowton Abbey?” Of course. He’s in literally everything.

-Looking at the drama writing now. Even the “True Detective” moniker is terrifying.

-Woa remember when “Boardwalk Empire” was a thing?!

-Also, when does “Mad Men” officially end?

-Oh I got to the comedy section! Finally! People we actually know!

-Have I ever mentioned how confused Lena Dunham makes me? I love her but I cannot stand her show.

-Holy shit Melissa McCarthy’s “Mike & Molly” is still a thing? I feel like no one but my father watches that show.

-Having to choose between Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is like “Sophie’s Choice.” It makes me so sad it can’t be both of them. Heroes.

-Ricky Gervais has a TV show? When did this happen?

-William H. Macy has such luscious hair. What’s up with that?

-The Supporting Actress in a Comedy category is so stacked, it’s ridiculous. I really want Kate McKinnon to win for SNL. Actually, she might have a pretty good shot.

-For someone who is so anti “Girls” I really enjoy Adam Driver. He’s a great actor. And he’s all “Star Wars”-y now. How exciting.

-I really have no want to see “Orange is the New Black.”

-Lolz “Glee”

-Here’s to hoping “Modern Family” let’s someone else win Outstanding Comedy Series this year. I love that show, but I don’t want to see the cocky creator make another speech. He’s annoying.

-Didn’t even know Kristen Wiig was nominated for a mini series! Go girl!

-Minnie Driver will always be Will Hunting’s girlfriend.

-This reminds me, Billy Crystal’s tribute to Robin Williams is going to be so emotional and perfect.

-I really do want to see “The Normal Heart” some time in my life.

-I do not understand what the hell “American Horror Story” even is.

-There are like no women on the “Tonight Show” writing staff. Well, that needs to change.

-I’m so happy SNL already won for directing!

-HIMYM ALWAYS wins for cinematography.

-I’m so deep in the nominations list now. I’ve seen things people should never see.

-We can still talk about how disappointing some of the main categories are though. No “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” No Mindy Kaling. No “Parks and Rec.” Such sadness.

-At least Sethy is hosting!


The Emmy Awards are Monday on NBC. I’ll be live tweeting the whole show as usual. You can follow all that fun stuff right here.


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