What we know about ‘Mulaney’ so far…

I’m not really sure if I’m allowed to use the phrase “highly anticipated” here because I do not know if the world has gotten caught up yet or not, but in about a month we will finally have John Mulaney’s highly anticipated sitcom “Mulaney.”

I’ve been waiting long enough for my favorite comedian (the best stand-up in the country, ask anyone) to get this show on television and on October 5th “Mulaney” will finally be here.

If you’re like me, you’ve been paying attention to the numerous press junkets the cast has been doing and have noticed an intense spike in “Mulaney” social media (it is the only thing I see on Facebook and I’m fine with it).

Let’s take a moment to break down what we know about the show so far (list!):


-John Mulaney is playing John Mulaney, a version of himself.

-Nasim Pedrad is the only female main character and if you’re one of those people that feel the need to make “Senifeld” comparisons, she is the Elaine (Only I hope that someday her and John’s characters will get it on, get married, and make babies. Is that too much to ask too soon?)

-Martin Short is supposed to be a jerk, but a lovable one?

-Elliott Gould is the gay neighbor. John refers to him as a “Yoda,” which is fabulous.

-Zack Pearlman plays Andre who is annoying but also a weed dealer so that must be why they let him hang.

-Seaton Smith is probably going to be a player, yes?

-The show is supposed to be about John’s struggles with his job, stand-up, and friends. That will probably work nicely.

-We know from the 22 minute preview of the show that John will be dating. Weird but all things that will eventually lead to my second point (see above).

-A lot of people John is friends with from the comedy world have been the writers for the show. He has some funny friends so this is a good thing.

-There is a dog.

-Lorne Michaels is the EP along with John.

-Seaton Smith’s character has a weird fashion sense.

-Lou Cannon’s office and show set is crazy elaborate. Kind of like the “Friends” apartment theory.

-Nasim seems to have good timing.

-They’ve used everything from “New In Town” so season two is going to be interesting.

-John wears a tank top in one scene (this is very significant to me).

-There is a really great joke about jeans.

-Why is all of John’s stand-up filmed in front of his apartment set?

-The fact that Elliott Gould is described as a “radical” is excellent in itself.

-Elliott Gould’s apartment looks like an old lady’s, but maybe that’s the point?

-There is a Martin Short cardboard cutout.

-John’s apartment has so many colors. Lot of stuff going on there.

-Pearlman slapping Mulaney’s ass makes me laugh really hard.

-The only real parallel to “Seinfeld” is the fact that it’s going to be a good old fashion sitcom.


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