Colin Jost Stand-Up Review

There’s a lot going on in my head as we head into season 40 or “Saturday Night Live” tonight. One thing that does seem to stick is the fact that I still support Colin Jost.

In honor of tonight’s historic “Update” pairing and historic season 40 I give you the review I wrote about Jost’s stand-up set at Iowa State last month. I wrote this particular piece for class so that’s why I haven’t talked about it here before. Enjoy:


The Internet has not been kind to Colin Jost. That’s surprising considering until about six months ago the Internet didn’t even know who he was. The Harvard graduate has worked at “Saturday Night Live” for nine years now, but it wasn’t until Seth Meyers departed for “Late Night” that Jost (who is also co-head writer of “SNL”) got his chance to appear on camera, moving to the anchor desk for the famed “Weekend Update” segment. People sent angry tweets and wrote blog posts about Jost’s performance on Update and how it didn’t live up to his successor’s previous work.


It was clear the moment Jost took the stage on Friday night at Iowa State University that he felt more comfortable in front of an audience of college students than he has the handful of times he’s been on live television. Jost opened his set with a clever bit about the university. He had just come up with it and it wasn’t only relatable to the audience but also showed off his writing skills. The rest of the show consisted of his routine bits including jokes about immigration, marijuana, and ex-girlfriends. He even talked about “SNL” and shared a few “Update” jokes he had written over the summer. Everything seemed to hit a nerve with the audience and it made it incredibly hard to believe that Jost is the same timid guy that replaced Meyers’ on “Update.”


Towards the end of the show Jost asked if anyone had any questions. One frat bro from the back of the room hollered “Are you better than Seth Meyers?!” The crowd fell uncomfortably silent, but Jost just smiled and said, “I am? Thanks! I’m going to assume you were complimenting me.” He continued with his last few jokes before signing off with a “See you in the fall!” The Internet may still be unsure of Jost, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to let it bother him.


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