Get over the fear of the laugh track

I’m going to make this a short post because I have better things to do instead of explaining a laugh track to people.

But since John Mulaney’s long-awaited comedy “Mulaney” premieres tomorrow night on FOX and basically every TV critic is bashing it because it features a laugh track and “isn’t funny” has really got me pissed. If you haven’t read any of the early reviews let me recreate one for you:

“This show could be decent if it didn’t have that old fashioned laughing in the background, this is the time of shows like ‘Modern Family.’ Also, I think I’ll point out here that John Mulaney is just trying to be Jerry Seinfeld and his show isn’t funny. However, ‘Seinfeld’ was hilarious and perfect and I’m going to pretend that I can’t remember that ‘Seinfeld’ in fact had a laugh track too.”

Get over the fear of the laugh track already people. John has repeatedly said that his goal was to make a “throwback sitcom.” I’ve always believed that John Mulaney and I were old-timey souls separated at birth because I couldn’t love his idea more. I love sitcoms with laugh tracks. That’s what every comedy show used to be. We used to love them, but now we don’t consider them funny?

And believe me I’m not completely blind, I know the show has issues, but what first year sitcom doesn’t? Do you think people got on board with”The Office” that first season (it had six episodes people)? No one watched “Cheers” the first season and it went on to have 11 and tons of fans. And yes I’m well aware that John can’t act, but either could Jerry and he did just find. There is just something about the idea of people taping a show in front of a live audience that makes me really happy.

And I hate to bring this up because people are going to hate me, but take “How I Met Your Mother” as the perfect example. HIMYM is a pretty stupid show, yet it is so well-loved by the people that matter that it went nine seasons and the Internet almost broke because people were so upset with the ending. Now those are some devoted fans. John Mulaney has the same kind of intense fans that will make “Mulaney” work because we love him and we love his old school style. “Mulaney” isn’t going to be the greatest show ever, it’s not going to be “Seinfeld,” but it may just be a bit of fun for us comedy fans, and that’s all that really maters.

So stop blaming the laugh track.


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