Never re-watch ‘Arrested Development’

Never re-watch all four glorious seasons of “Arrested Development.”

It will make you nostalgic.

You’ll remember all those old jokes you loved so much.

You’ll fall back in love with Michael Cera (we all know how dangerous that can be!).

You’ll probably want to eat a frozen banana.

You’ll probably be just as grossed-out by Tobias as you always were.

You’ll remember that GOB isn’t actually his full name.

Was Uncle Oscar always that creepy?

Lindsey without Ellen really doesn’t make sense anymore.

Did George Michael think he was going to Hawaii with all of the Hawaiian shirts he wore?

You’ll probably “ship” George Michael and Maeby more than is socially acceptable.

You’ll start that thing all over again where you quote the show in real life situations.

“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

“There’s always money in the banana stand.”


“Marry me!”

You won’t be able to stop calling Ann “egg.”

You’ll find yourself wondering what Bateman was thinking with that hairstyle.

You’ll find yourself having to pause and re-evaluate what the actual money plot line of the show is.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus will ruin any other guest star for you.

Lucille will ruin every other TV mother for you.

No one will ever do comedy like David Cross.

No other TV family will ever compare to the Bluths.

No other comedy will be as good as AD.

This damn show will ruin every other sitcom you try to love.

Because you’ll never love it as much as this show.

Because this show is the best.




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