Reviewing ‘Four’

I’m not sure how much research has been done on this yet, but I think it may be impossible to fall out of love with One Direction. Over the last few months I’ll admit that I thought 1D may be over.

I’ve fallen head over heals in love with 5 Seconds of Summer, who play rock music. And I love rock music. But today when I got home after a long day of work and classes my roommate had picked us both up a copy of 1D’s new album “Four” and I realized that I never fell out of love with them. If anything, our love was busy growing.

You can’t say a bad word about them. Even when Harry’s grown his hair far too long and Zayn is MIA they can’t really do any wrong. Sure, this is the fourth album they’ve released in three years and yeah, their label is totally milking them until they fade from popularity, so I’ve realized we need to appreciate them while they’re here.

In honor of “Four” I’ve decided to do a special edition of one of my play by play reviews. This blog post will include my commentary from listening to the album in full for the first time as well as the commentary of my roommate/best friend Sarah. She is well versed in 1D knowledge. She’s a credible source. And, like most people I love and appreciate, she’s hilarious.

Let the listening begin:

Steph: “Steal My Girl” is so 80s and it’s great.

Steph: So. Much Auto. Tune.

Sarah: Where’s Harry?

Sarah: Ugh yeah auto tune.

Sarah: I just like the part in the video where Louis has the monkey.

Steph: The guitars though…

Steph: “Ready to Run” is all kinds of “Story of My Life” mature. Kudos boys!

Steph: Is this a Phil Collins song?!

Sarah: NIALL!

Steph: Already memorizing everything!

Sarah: At first I thought “Ready to Run” was just fun and not about girls. But then I listened to the words. It’s about girls.

Steph: Zayn’s already got all the good parts.

Sarah: “Where do broken hearts go” is actually too upbeat to be about broken hearts and “lonely places.”

Steph: It bothers me they left the “?” out in the song title…

Steph: Seriously. Is Zayn going to let anyone else sing?

Sarah: I like “18” because Harry dominates the beginning.

Steph: We’re slowing down now. Oh. God.

Sarah: STYLES.

Steph: Dammit Zayn! Oh good Harry has the chorus. Where’s everyone else?

Sarah: Every time Harry sings my little heart skips a beat…


Steph: “18” is also a 5sos song…


Sarah: They’re not that old. Harry’s literally reminiscing two years in the past.

Sarah: They’re comparing girls to ambulances?

Steph: Thank goodness for these guitars.

Sarah: I don’t get what “Girl Almighty” is about…

Sarah: I want to float on a big balloon!

Steph: But this song is clever somehow. I just can’t figure out how yet.

Sarah: “Fool’s Gold” talks about animals so I like it already.

Steph: “Fool’s Gold” is very mature. About damn time.

Sarah: This is really deep when you think about what fool’s gold is.

Steph: Looking at the album, they all wrote “Fool’s Gold.” I feel like a proud mother.

Steph: “Night Changes” is also well-written and much deeper than their other albums.

Steph: Woah! Hey Louis!

Sarah: They mentioned cigarettes!

Steph: If “Night Changes” is there next single, it’s kind of a weird choice. And I love that.

Sarah: It’s talking about a daughter losing her innocence. And a mother watching her daughter growing up.

Steph: Like the little fan girls growing up!

Steph: Fingers crossed “No Control” is dirty!

Sarah: Oh yes.

Sarah: I always wonder which 1D girlfriend they’re singing about. Is it about a real girl?

Steph: One of life’s greatest mysteries.

Sarah: On that note, when are Louis and Zayn getting married?

Steph: “Fireproof” is my jam. Real chill. Real cool.

Sarah: It really shows off Zayn’s vocal range.

Steph: This is definitely the album of Zayn, but can we just talk about Niall? Damn.

Sarah: I can just picture Niall listening to this and bopping his blonde head around.

Steph: Ah, that fake blonde hair. Love him.

Sarah: There’s a good mix of slow and fast songs on this album.

Steph: Everything is more mature. Rest in peace “Up All Night!”

Sarah: Harry’s still there somewhere under that mop of hair.

Steph: “Spaces” just makes me want to sway back and forth and cry.

Steph: “Stockholm Syndrome” is extremely clever. I’m impressed.

Sarah: Once again Harry starts it out!

Steph: This beat is pretty perfect. Reminds me of a Prince song.

Sarah: I just wanna snap my fingers!

Steph: This is SUCH a Prince song and I ain’t even mad!

Steph: “Clouds” sounds all rock-like and I’m so down with that.

Steph: Ouch though that auto tune…

Sarah: I though this was going to be a slow song looking at the title.

Steph: I think I’m having a love affair with these guitars…


Sarah: I’m impressed that the songs are a lot more mature and maybe the boys will one day sing about something other than girls!

Steph: Well, I am more than pleased. Maybe the boys will be around longer than I anticipated.




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