Why the ‘Star Wars’ Teaser Trailer is Important

By now we’ve all seen the new “Star Wars” movie teaser trailer. Although it’s just a teaser, it’s important. And I’ve got some things to say about it:

1. Many people have commented that Luke, Han, and Leia were no where to be found in the trailer. I was as disappointed as the next person, but I think it’s a sign that although they will play vital roles in the new movie they won’t be the main focus.

2. No Adam Driver in the trailer either. Now that’s disappointing.

3. The footage that we saw looks incredible. It looks like JJ is really trying to bridge that awkward gap between too much CGI and creepy puppets.

4. On that note, I really hope JJ will keep the gross creatures at bay and focus more on the adorable ones like Chewy and, of course, focus more on the humans.

5. I kind of liked that there were no signs of classic characters like R2D2 or C3PO. Gives us something to look forward to when the real trailer and actual film arrive.

6. I’m not sure what the dark side is going to be this time around, but the voice over stuff was cool as hell.

7. I think it’s perfect to tease us with a glimpse of the Millennium Falcon.

8. And I didn’t mind that the trailer only showed landscape and desert scenes. I’m sure more places in the universe will be used in the film. Let’s all calm down. The teaser trailer was only 80 seconds or so after all.

9. Back to the footage, I really loved how everything looked. It didn’t look too made up and it didn’t look like you could literally see the boom mic.

10. Even though I am a “Star Wars” fan, I have my issues with the films. They fascinate me more than anything else. How could something this weird and let’s be honest, poorly made become such a phenomenon? That notion alone makes me excited to see what JJ has done with this strange little world.


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