How to Survive Finals

A list by me:

1. Make time for chocolate.

2. Nap. As often as you can.

3. Don’t forget to eat.

4. Only start drinking coffee if you’re really going to fall asleep. Otherwise just drink wine.

5. Let your roommates know you’re still alive (Just check in with them every once in a while. It’s common courtesy).

6. Watch a lot of “Star Trek.” Also, channel you inner Spock and just use logic!

7. If the Spock method doesn’t work for you be Kirk and just wing it.

8. If you start to compare everything to “Star Trek” references then you’ll know it’s time for a study break.

9. Remember that in 5 days it will all be over and you will have survived.

10. Grades aren’t that important, right (hahahaha)?

11. Do listen to Christmas music while you study. Don’t listen to One Direction. They’re angelic voices will just distract you.

12. Study in pairs.

13. Study alone because other people can get annoying.

14. Call your mom and cry. It’s OK. That’s what she’s there for (She might also tell you about the wonderful home-cooked meals she’s making you the minute you arrive home. Go Carol!).

15. Now would be a good time to go back and do some of that reading that you never once did for class. Hey maybe your professor was right. Maybe it will help you!

16. If you’re like me and you write a lot of papers, write them before any of your tests. Like weeks before. Planning ahead people. It’s a thing.

17. Feel bad for your science major roommates. Why on earth they would pick that torture is beyond me.

18. Drink water instead of soda (also, in life).

19. Wear sweatpants. Who gives a shit what you look like at this point in the semester?!

20. When all else fails, eat pizza.



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