2015 Golden Globe Noms: Hollywood Had A Rough Year

While I sat through my film study final this morning I was excited to run back to my apartment to see what new movies and shows had been nominated for Golden Globes this year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Globes are the fun award show. It’s movies and TV (my two favorite things!). People drink and are merry because technically the awards don’t mean that much. Especially for the movies.

But when I got back to my apartment and opened my laptop to check the nominees I was, well, disappointed. And I didn’t know why.

I usually get mad at the Emmys because I have major issues with the state of TV right now, but every single category is disappointing with this year’s Globes. There’s snubs galore, totally undeserving nominees, and a few miracle surprises.

This never happens at the Globes! They have drama and comedy/musical categories so they can get more nominees in. There shouldn’t be snubs. And I know this happens every year, but is it just me or are more films than usual not out yet? I’m feeling so stressed now because I haven’t seen any of these!

Maybe that’s my problem? I literally haven’t seen anything but “Horrible Bosses 2,” which is a decision I do not regret, but still. Now that all of my finals are done I need to start living at the theater! It’s time to go into my winter break shell and sneak away to the theater by myself on Sundays when my family watches football. It’s time to figure out what the hell is going on in Hollywood!

This year has been weird for film in general. I mean, “Birdman?” Really? “Unbroken” wasn’t nominated. Benedict Cumberbatch is literally taking over everything. And um, JENNIFER FREAKING ANISTON IS FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE?! I’m happy and confused all at the same time. I mean people, Christoph Waltz got a lead actor nom! That never happens!!!

And don’t even get me started on the TV categories. Award shows never know how to nominate comedy right. And it’s not always their fault. NBC is screwing “Parks and Rec” and network just can’t get a hit right now. Last year “Brooklyn Nine Nine” broke a huge network comedy wall by winning Best Comedy, but it’s nowhere to be seen this year! Instead “Jane the Virgin” is nominated? What. Even. Is. That.

I’m devastated and excited all at the same time. Hollywood has hits and misses all the time, but this year has been rough. There was no “12 Years a Slave.” There was no “Wolf of Wall Street.” We do have our now token musical (“Into the Woods”) and a few fun indie films, but man, where are all the big, politically charged, films that make you think and feel something this year?

Maybe I’m missing something here. Maybe I should be happy? Maybe I should stop worrying? Everyone has their off year, even Hollywood? I’ve got to get to the theaters stat.

2015 Golden Globe Nominations


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