The End of ‘Parenthood’ Proves NBC has still got it

NBC’s “Parenthood” is a damn good show. People love it. Critics love it. And NBC loved it enough to set it free last night with the series finale.

I’m a firm believer in ending a TV show when it’s time and not dragging it out too many seasons. “Parks and Rec” and “30 Rock” are just two of the many examples of shows that knew when to quit while they were ahead. “Parenthood” is ending at the perfect moment and although NBC gave it a crappy last season deal the writers and show runners gave the final season a lot of love and classiness that the series has always evoked.

“Parenthood” never hit a bad note. The only storyline that ever really annoyed me was when they tried splitting Joel and Julia up. That was dumb, but everything else on the show has always been so well done. NBC hit the jackpot with a show like this and they ended it the perfect way. Dramatic yet realistic and satisfying to the viewers.

This show is special to me in a lot of ways. I love the original movie for which it’s based on. I watched the show all the time in high school and on breaks with my parents. It has Lauren freaking Graham. And it proves that NBC can still make good television.

Even though “Parenthood” is mostly sold as a drama (you can tell because their promos always had the deep-voiced announcer) it still had it’s deeply funny moments. Overall it was a quality show that you didn’t have to go searching for on HBO or Showtime. It was a good network show. Maybe this means NBC may still have it. Maybe they still know how to pick a show. If they could start searching for good comedies with good writing the same as they got from “Parenthood” maybe they can pull themselves out of this sitcom funk they’ve been in. It’s possible. They just need to lead by the Braverman’s example.


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