‘Urban Plains’


I’m all for shameless plugs. Here’s mine: I’m only a few months away from graduating college. Let’s not talk about how scary that is. In order for me to graduate and get that degree my parents have paid so much for I have to finish one last big thing before I go. A capstone.

This year Drake University’s journalism capstone was re-imagined. It’s been transformed from a print/tablet magazine to an all out multimedia website. It’s a Midwest focused media outlet that tells stories about the cool people living here and the even cooler things that can come out of the urban plains. I don’t need to brag about how cool it is because on Tuesday the 10th the site goes live and you can see it for yourself. Here’s where you need to go:ย http://urban-plains.com/ย 

Before that, though, I want to take the time to explain just how crazy, stressful, and weird it’s been to work on a project like this. This capstone class has everyone from magazine majors to radio/TV producing majors. I’ve learned about making videos, photography, website design, and marketing all in the span of about six weeks.

I’ve stayed up late nights worry about this project. I’ve been writing and reporting several stories at once. I’m Copy Chief on our staff so I have to edit and worry that I missed a comma somewhere. I have to make sure my copy editors stay sane, too. Remaining calm. That’s a thing people do, right?

And yet, I’m really proud of this project. I’ve been working really hard on it, and so have my classmates. I had never even met some of my fellow capstoners before we started this journey together. I’m learning weird things about multimedia and working as a team. It’s funny what happens when the professors that run the capstone step back and leave you to solve your problems on your own.

Oh those professors. My science major friends always think it’s so weird that the Drake journalism professors are so chill. They treat their students as adults. They’re always just a text away if you need them. They don’t give tests, they give real world work. And they make you work hard for the byline. They make me so upset sometimes, but by the time I get over my anger they’ve probably taught me something. I’ll miss them the most when I graduate.

As I write this post I’m anxiously waiting for stories to edit. If this is the real life of a writer that I’ll face in May, then bring it on. If I live through this capstone I think I deserve a real person job.



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