Political Humor on ‘SNL’

Oh, politics.

I don’t write about politics. I have political opinions, sure, but you won’t hear about them. I’d rather not debate things with people. I’ll just keep things to myself, thanks.

But political comedy? That’s something I can get behind. Making fun of politicians is almost like a right of passage. I remember when I was in junior high and I first started understanding political humor by watching SNL. Now I look forward to that glorious time every four years where we get to make fun of people running for president, because, let’s be honest, it’s a really easy thing to do.

Last time it wasn’t as fun because Obama was already president and we knew he was going to win. This election, however, we have quite the cast of characters that want to run the country. Hilary Clinton is supposed to make her official “I’m running for president” announcement today, but last night SNL took the lead and spoofed it already. Glorious.

I can’t wait for more Hilary cold opens. I can’t wait for spoofed debates and when we are down to the final two Democrat and Republican candidates. SNL is going to have a good next two seasons if the writers are up for the challenge. I mean, the election isn’t until 2016. We have so much time to play with things. To make fun of things. To get back to that classic SNL humor. Who doesn’t want that?

If last night’s cold open is any indication of the road we have ahead of us in comedy with this election, then count me in!


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