Why you need to be watching ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

With the end of “Parks and Rec” came the end of virtually all of NBC’s comedies. All good sitcoms should end in a timely matter before things get old, but there’s hardly anything left in the once vast network comedy lineup.

At least FOX has “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” What? You don’t watch “Brooklyn Nine-Nine?” Shame on you. It’s like “Parks” but with police officers and Andy Samberg. It’s now the most clever ensemble comedy on TV.

Here’s why you need to start watching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”:

-It was co-created by Mike Schur who worked on “The Office” for a long time and created “Parks and Rec.”

-Sometimes Andy Samberg’s humor can be hard to understand if you’re not 12, but his character Jake is tailor written for him. His character is immature but in an adult way. And he’s hysterical because of it.

-The storyline of Jake constantly being schooled by his boss Captain Holt is both adorable and smart. There’s no other character relationship like it on TV.

-Jake and Amy.

-Jake and Amy.

-Amy and Jake.

-Jake and Amy.

-Subplots. Even when a character isn’t the main part of the episode they still have plenty to do in an episode.

-In just two seasons “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has come up with some pretty great running gags. Example: Any time Amy says something kind of weird Jake responds with a “name of your sex tape” quip.

-The nine-nine always has amazing guest stars. The second season had Nick Cannon, Kyra Sedgwick, and, Eva Longoria guest star just to name a few.

-The show has a lot of strong female characters. That’s all.

-Jake and Amy.

Now, go watch the show. You won’t regret it.

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