Emmy finally got something right

“Oh thank God.”- Me, yesterday morning when the 2015 Emmy nominations were announced. The Emmys always upset me. Call me nostalgic, but I remember when network shows were nominated for their work instead of HBO taking over everything. This year, however, the Emmys finally heard my complaints (well, you know…). They finally changed the comedy categories so more shows could have a chance.

Why do I get upset over the comedy categories rather than drama? Because drama is set in stone. It’s easy to spot. But comedy isn’t always that black and white. There’s lots of comedy and even more senses of humor that are voting on those categories. Emmy decided this winter that in order for a show to be considered in a top comedy category, it had to be a half hour long program. That could include any multi-cam sitcom like “The Big Bang Theory” or a single-cam like “Modern Family.”

But wait! That’s not all! They also separated their variety show categories into talk and sketch. That means that “The Tonight Show” goes head to head with “The Daily Show.” And brilliant shows like “Inside Amy Schumer” and “Key and Peele” can face off with SNL. It’s such a beautiful thing.

And no need to worry either! If you have an hour long show that is still very much a comedy you can write a note to the Television Academy explaining why your show should be in the comedy categories. They may approve it or they may not. For example, “Orange is the New Black” has been entered in the comedy categorizes in the past (even though it is definitely not a comedy), so with the new rules the show wrote one of those fancy notes to be considered as a comedy. But finally someone at the Television Academy said enough of this nonsense! OITNB is definitely a drama. And so now they are going head to head with Netflix’s other darling “House of Cards” (and if you ask me that’s exactly what Netflix has been avoiding by trying to slip OITNB into the comedy sector).

Nominations I loved

-Double Amy! Both Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer got well-deserved nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy.

-And speaking of Poehler, my beloved “Parks and Rec” got a well-deserved final shot at taking home the Best Comedy award. Now if “Modern Family” could just shove it for one year.

-Just the idea that talk and sketch are different and deserve different categories. Where has this sweet justice been all my life?!

-“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” for the win! Not only did it get a worthy spot in the top comedy honors, it also got a nom for the perfect Tituss Burgess for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

-All the SNL 40th Anniversary Special nominations. Because we all know that three hours of television was everything.

-Bill Hader got some love for guest acting on SNL.

-Allison Janney as usual has a bunch of nominations for being her in general. As it should be miss C.J.!

-Elizabeth Moss for “Mad Men.” You go girl!

-Any Emmys is a good Emmys when Tina Fey gets a nomination.



Nominations that I did not love

-No Jim Parsons kind of made me sick to my stomach.

-Letterman getting a nom for talk. Next year that spot belongs to Seth and “Late Night” (which has gotten really good lately).

-Someone at the Television Academy must really love “Modern Family.” It’s a great show, but by this time in a series’ run they usually are forgotten about for awards unless they’re “30 Rock.”

-Also, no “Brooklyn Nine Nine” and no Samberg mad me tear up a little.

-Homeland is still a thing?! (Sorry, that’s just a reaction in general)




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